Back-to-School Basics for Elementary Parents

It’s a teacher’s most wonderful time of the year – time to start a new school year! We’re ready to serve our Kindergarten through 5th Grade students with style and eager to help them strive for success!

FLVS Elementary has some information for getting this school year started off right. Parents and home educators play an important role in their child’s success at FLVS. Here are some ways to help your child feel fully supported at home.

Stay Connected with the Teacher

Student success is driven by the three-way connection between the student, the parent / home educator, and the FLVS teacher. The three must verbally communicate at least once per month. These are fun, productive conversations where the teacher can check in with the student and parent and provide any support that may be needed. It’s also a great way for teachers to build connections with their students and families.

Provide Daily and Weekly Monitoring

While our FLVS students learn a great deal of personal responsibility, they are still children. Students require daily monitoring to ensure they meet daily goals, see if they have questions, confirm they are completing the recommended amount of work for the day, and ensure they are attending Class Time. We’ve found that children are very excited to share accomplishments with their families, so please check in with them every day. When a student is monitored daily, weekly goals will naturally be monitored as well, ensuring that the student does not fall too far behind pace.

Ensure Content Mastery

Our FLVS teachers are excellent at catching when a student begins struggling. However, as the home educator, it is important to also check the child’s gradebooks on a weekly basis to determine how well the students are mastering the content and if they are meeting their desired pace. Assignments can be resubmitted up to three times with remediation in between, but the gradebook takes the grade of the last assignment submitted. Allowing time in their weekly schedule for students to attend Class Time is a great way to help ensure content mastery.

If the student seems to be struggling, the teacher is there to help provide support with the content. There are also many great resources within the Announcement Pages, such as Extra Practice Toolkits, that can help with extra practice and include recorded lessons for students.

Help with Course Navigation

Always ensure students are working through lessons completely before attempting assignments. Resources are available within the lessons, on the announcement page, and in the Media Center for students to practice material before attempting assignments. Confirm that your child knows how to log on for Class Time and attends regularly. Take time to familiarize yourself and your student with the tools available and encourage your child to utilize these resources as they work through the content, recognizing that new or younger online students may require more support.

Parents play such an important role in the success of our students. We would like to thank you for partnering with FLVS Elementary for your child and trusting us with such an important part of their life: their education!

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