Celebrating College & Career-Ready Students

From contests to clubs, FLVS offers a variety of ways to learn about coding and computer science, including online technology courses that develop the skills students need for the careers of tomorrow.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses combine academics and the real world, providing hands-on learning that puts students at the center of the action. CTE also helps develop critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills, which means students are better prepared for college and career life.

As we wrap up CTE Month at the end of February, we want to celebrate several student participants who wowed us with their entries in our recent #FLVSCodes contest.

We were excited to see so many students putting their tech skills into practice! While our contest winners were announced earlier this month, please take a few minutes to view the following honorable mentions:

Elementary School

Christian, 1st Grade

Kinzley, 3rd Grade

Dean, 3rd Grade

ZyYaad, 4th Grade

Kiley, 4th Grade

Middle School

Yahzir, 6th Grade

August, 6th Grade

Caden, 7th Grade

Noah, 8th Grade

High School

Aubrianna, 9th Grade

Kemper, 9th Grade

Gabriel, 11th Grade

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2 comments on “Celebrating College & Career-Ready Students

  1. Laci

    Everyone was amazing! I love to deal with things on computers! Sadly, I have very little time to do anything. I am a softball player for my areas little league. But I always draw my animations out! I have recently been working on a animation. I was gonna try and find some way to code it once I have time. Spring ball has started. My second game is on the 7th of march. Again amazing!


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