Financial Literacy: Taking Charge in Uncertain Times

We’ve all heard the statistics. Even before the global COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the economy, a study showed 44 percent of Americans didn’t have enough savings to cover a $400 emergency, and 56 percent had less than $10,000 in retirement savings. More than ever, students need life skills like financial literacy to help them make sound decisions for their future. 

FLVS offers multiple half-credit Personal Financial Literacy courses to support students on their path to developing strong financial knowledge and understanding.

Personal Financial Literacy

This new social studies course is perfect for students seeking an engaging elective with an honors option.

Students have the opportunity to flex their financial decision-making skills. In the social studies elective, students are presented with several scenarios (such as the one shown here) where they must make financial decisions using the skills they’ve learned in the lesson. Two financial advisors offer assistance, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of the outcomes along the way. 

Students will also learn about:

  • how to save and spend money wisely
  • the ins and outs of credit
  • how to avoid identity theft
  • consumer protections
  • how to invest their hard-earned money

Check out the sample video from the course below!

Economics with Financial Literacy

Understanding economics means thinking about how scarcity, or limited resources, requires us to make choices and evaluate one option against others. In this course, students explore how the economic choices of larger groups, like businesses and governments, affect individuals and groups around the world.

Learn more about this course in the following video from one of our teachers.

Personal & Family Finance

Our Personal & Family Finance course falls under our Career & Technical Education (CTE) course offerings. This course is great for students looking to get their feet wet in a finance career path!

In a time of heightened economic uncertainly, financial literacy gives students the skills, confidence, and a solid footing on which to build their financial future—no matter what tomorrow brings. 

Post by FLVS Curriculum and Quality Assurance Team

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