FLVS Artists in the Making – 2nd Edition

Last year, our FLVS student newspaper, News in a Click, showcased a few of our talented student artists and their work in FLVS Artists in the Making. Needless to say, we were blown away by our students’ undeniable passion for art – and so were our readers! In response, we decided to feature more of our student artists.  

Keep reading to see their incredible work, what inspires them, and their words of encouragement for fellow aspiring artists. Enjoy! 

FLVS Student Art Gallery 

Alessandra Torres 

FLVS Flex, Grade 11 

Favorite Artist: Wassily Kandinsky 

Favorite Medium: Procreate, Photoshop, & Ibis Paint 

Inspiration: “My current surroundings/environment and daily experiences.” 

Advice for other artists: “Make things that you enjoy creating and simultaneously serve as a form of expression.” 

Emma Elwood 

FLVS Flex, Grade 9 

Favorite Artist: I don’t have a favorite artist, but I think my two all-time favorite paintings are Starry Night and Water Lillies by Vincent Van Gogh. 

Favorite Medium: Pencils 

Inspiration: “I actually think my books are what inspire me the most. I am always drawing what I imagine characters to look like and making my own character and then drawing them.” 

Advice to other artists: “My advice would be to draw whatever you can imagine, and don’t let anything stop you (other than your homework, of course). If you have an idea of what you want to draw, just go for it. It may not turn out the way you imagined, but you gave it a try, and you can also see where you can do better next time.” 

Noah Randol 

FLVS Flex, Grade 9 

Favorite Artist: To be discovered! 

Favorite Medium: shading markers/pens and pencils 

Inspiration: “The thing that most inspires me is my love for cars and hopefully in the future, owning one or working for manufacturers.” 

Advice to other artist: “Just keep going at what your passion is, whether that be art, writing, sports, etc.” 

Petra Timmsen 

FLVS Flex, Grade 9 

Favorite Artist: Vincent Van Gogh – he created The Starry Night, and it’s a masterpiece.  

Favorite Medium: Watercolor 

Inspiration: “My inspiration comes from anything and everything beautiful that I can make into something, like flowers, or the moon, or people. Or feelings, like pain, sadness, love, and hope.” 

Advice to other artists: “My advice for other aspiring artist is that it is okay to make mistakes, it’s a learning process, and those mistakes are beautiful.” 

FLVS is proud to spotlight the work of our outstanding students. If you have a piece you would like to share, email us at socialmedia@flvs.net.  

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22 comments on “FLVS Artists in the Making – 2nd Edition

  1. Josiah Lopez-Hernandez

    …Wow, just…. wow
    I’m literally speechless…. I.. I can’t do these drawing my self! Oh, Wow…. Can I get an agree here people?

  2. Daisy Jane DiDomenico

    WOW Awesome if you could do another one that’d be really cool I submitted work to looks like I did not get in though. You guys are amazing keep doing what your doing!!!!!! SUCH AN INSPIRATION!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I love it! Thank you for the advice! I love drawing and painting as well. These are SO much better than I ever could do though! XD

  4. Emma Elwood

    Can I have the email for who I am supposed to contact to submit another drawing, please? It’s been a few months since I drew the drawing that I submitted here, and I want to post a better, more recent one. Thank you!

  5. Mackenzie H.

    These are all superb! I am an artist too, and I love nothing more than to see and hear fellow artists’ voices and their inspiration! If you love what you do, keep at it. Art is a language that everyone can understand and interpret in their own way. It brings joy to so many!
    “Art heals by giving voice to the soul.”

  6. Weston Dean (Wes)

    These drawings are awesome, I love the one by Noah, it’s so realistic! I wish I could draw a good enough car like that. Ig it’s just takes a lot of practice. lol


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