FLVS Artists in the Making!

This article was originally written and published in the FLVS student newspaper, News in a Click.

When you think of famous art, you might think of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci made in 1503. However, there are many growing artists in our very own Florida Virtual School! In this article, we will be acknowledging works of art made by talented FLVS students.

Max Gastelum, 11th grade

“I use my art to express my mental states. This one represents what mania feels like to me, and it’s also influenced by some of my heritage!” – Max Gastelum

Cecilia Khan, 8th Grade

Inspiration: “My imagination comes from fashion and patterns. As you can see in the image, the woman has a faded haircut, and the frame around it is full of patterns and shapes. ” – Cecilia Khan

Sophie Ward, 6th Grade

“I made this in an online art class a couple of weeks ago. I strayed a little bit from what I originally was supposed to do. I painted it to show the different emotions of our lives right now, like anger (orange), sadness (different shades of blue), to even guilt (light green). I miss actually interacting with different people and this sort of helps. I also just love to draw and paint and let my imagination flow!” – Sophie Ward

Maieda Khan, 10th grade 

“I was inspired to create this artwork after setting up a new collection of LED light strings in my room. The atmospheric change provided a sudden aesthetic outlook for what I wanted to draw next, leading to this impulsively drawn artwork of one of my favorite characters in a similarly set up room. The character is named Suna Rintarō, belonging to the manga serial Haikyuu.” – Maieda Khan

Averie, 8th Grade

“I was inspired to draw this by the beauty of a face.” – Averie

We hope you have enjoyed seeing the beautiful and creative pieces of art made by fellow FLVS students. Who knows, maybe one of them might be the next Picasso! 

This article was written by Cecilia Khan and Gwen Barrett for News in A Click. News in a Click is the official student newspaper of Florida Virtual School (FLVS), managed by middle and high school students who attend FLVS with support from our newspaper club sponsors.

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38 comments on “FLVS Artists in the Making!

  1. JayDen Johnson

    i love all of these beautiful pieces of artwork!!! i consider myself and artist (somewhat) and i have drawn beautiful pieces. though, never like these!!!!! they are gorgeous, and i maybe be just going on 13, but i think all of yall could be an artist if you worked hard enough!!! i love the first piece by Max Gastelum, because i think and type of art can express how you feel, and some of your history/origins!

  2. Owen Rhinehart

    Those are amazing!!!! I could never draw that. I can draw a couple of cartoon characters but I couldn’t even get close to drawing those!!!!! AWESOME STUFF!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    These art pieces are really good! I especially love the one made by Maieda Khan. I am also a fan of the manga serial Haiykuu and this fan art is really amazing. I hope you all continue to grow as artists!

    1. Weston Dean (Wes)

      I totally agree with you, as a 13 yr. old in 8th grade I’m somewhat good at art but I could use some improvement tbh. I’ve been drawing since the age of 8 and I’m obsessed with drawing anime, I can’t get enough, lol!

  4. Olivia Lueck

    These are amazing! I’ve been drawing since I can remember, and I hope to get as good as these fantastic artists someday. I especially liked the one by Maieda Khan! I’ll be 13 in a few months and I’m saving up for a drawing tablet. I also like animating, though I’m not very good at it. Again, all of these are amazing, and you all should be proud! :]

    1. Tayja

      I LOVE the drawing inspired by Haikyuu! I’m currently watching the show! It’s great to see we share a liking in anime! The aesthetic look was amazing and the lights in the back added that touch! All these drawings are amazing! I would 100% love to be a part of this!

  5. Cienna

    I LOOOOOVE that you get inspired by anime and new editions as well! I love that! I do the same thing. Although you draw SO much better then me…

    Cienna, 6th grader.

  6. Skylee Brock

    Omg Haikyuu is one of my favorite animes, I just love the detail you put in to your drawing, Maieda Khan.

  7. Tajan D. Noel (my middle Names not D)

    Every one is saying the Haikyuu one is so cool and amazing. and I completely agree. they are all great pieces of art but as an anime lover the haikyuu one stood out. and I love the fact that I knew exactly who the character is. It only took me seconds to figure it out. that either goes to show I watch too much anime or (what I thin the case is) the art work was just that good. I do a little drawing myself but it’s all scenes that’s already been drawn up, the level of creativity you have to have to make a whole new piece of art based on a pre-existing piece is astounding. my second favorite would have to be the one with the woman looking away. I think it’s beautiful and inspirational. this is the embodiment of prodigies. not even out of school and your already inspiring people. me as a ninth grader is being inspired by an eighth grade. I can’t wait to see the art you guys put out. I’ll be working hard to get better too. but don’t wait on me. you know Plus Ultra and Push past you limits!!!

  8. ✨Maddie✨

    I love all of your drawings they are very inspired, creative and beautiful 😍. Can’t wait to see whats next! ✨

  9. Anonymous

    These artworks are amazing! I really loved them all but, me, anime being the only thing I watch, ABSOLUTLY LOVED the one of Suna from Haikyuu! I recognized him almost instantly because this drawing was so clear and precise. This piece of art really stood out to me and it was my favorite. The one of the girl looking away is my VERY close second, with the abstract and skull tying for a VERY close third. They’re all really good and all I have to say now is follow your dreams and KEEP DRAWING!! 💚🧡~

  10. Natalia Rechtorik

    You all are an inspiration to keep drawing and let my imagination flow. I am taking a couple of art classes this year and learning how to draw things such as exploding boxes. It is really cool. I also like to draw on the computer.

  11. Kahsiya J. Bentely-Anderson

    wow these are awesome! I do drawing of my own. Some of these are better than mine1 I draw anime, and 3d pictures

  12. Tayja

    I LOVE the drawing inspired by Haikyuu! I’m currently watching the show! It’s great to see we share a liking in anime! The aesthetic look was amazing and the lights in the back added that touch! All these drawings are amazing! I would 100% love to be a part of this!


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