FLVS Class of 2021: Opening New Doors

This post was written by 2020-21 FLVS Full Time National Honor Society President, Ariana Silva.

Our lives are made up of classrooms, mathematical equations, and history lessons, with memories, hardships, and friendships woven in between until we turn 18. It’s a predetermined notion that the minute the clock strikes twelve on graduation day, you’re forced to push open two dense, heavyset doors into what we call “the real world.”

National Honor Society President,
Ariana Silva

However, I think that the alarm clock has been going off from the moment we all joined FLVS and had our first welcome call. Those doors were being opened when we lived through Winston’s fight through oppression in 1984 for our AP English Language Class, teaching us the power of individuality and tenacity.

Those doors were being opened when we endured the switch from BlackBoard to Zoom, a new experience that had us feeling more technologically challenged than we probably should have. Those doors are being opened now, on this very day of caps, gowns, and diplomas.

Finding the Right Fit With FLVS

I wanted to share the story of why I joined FLVS. l have been a competitive figure skater for 8 years now, falling in love with the simultaneous grace and passion I saw in the sport. Kendall Ice Arena became my second home with my coaches as irreplaceable figures in my development. Every second I spend on the ice is a breath away from reality and a step into the world of fresh ice and ripping blades. Brick-and-mortar school was no longer the right fit when I was putting so much time into recovering from a partial meniscectomy, a surgery for a bucket meniscus tear.

Initially, I was preoccupied with how virtual school would be showcased as I applied to college. Three years later, I am a future Cornell student with my story only enhancing my application as it featured a student-athlete who had the liberty of doing schoolwork in between sessions and competitions. The beauty of FLVS is placed in the frequency in which my own narrative is illustrated throughout the yearbook. Pages filled with artists, scientists, bookworms, athletes, and dreamers of every race, sexual orientation, and background.

As NHS President, I am honored to see our graduating class “virtually” stand where so many FLVS alumni have stood. I’ve seen the purity of your hearts and the power of your minds throughout this past year. I know the motivation that we all possess, guiding us through one of the most difficult years of our lives.

On behalf of the Class of 2021, I want to thank the teachers and faculty who lead the way with bravery that I only hope to emulate. I want to thank every parent who trusted their teenagers to stay on track through their dedication because I know I could not have done a fraction of what I achieved without my amazing parents. And of course, the privilege of having friends, family members, and mentors as a support system does not go unnoticed.

As a parting note, I cannot wait to hear the spectacular paths my classmates will undertake, which I know they will. Because FLVS graduates have something no one can take away, and that is the courage it takes to live every day with kindness and perseverance at its core.

Congratulations, FLVS Class of 2021! 
View the full ceremony recognizing our graduates at https://www.flvs.net/classof2021.

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