FLVS Driver’s Ed Impacts Student Lives

Our Driver Education teachers make a difference in the lives of students every day. In addition to a strong curriculum, the support our online students receive from caring and dedicated teachers sets the Driver Education experience a step above.

In recognition of National Teen Driver Safety Week (Oct. 20-26, 2019), we are sharing stories from teachers and students related to our FLVS Driver Education / Traffic Safety course.

Ms. Miller recently shared the following success story about one of her Driver’s Ed students:

I called the parent and she shared that her older daughter had been in a car accident. The first responders pointed out to her that her daughter survived the crash because she was wearing her seatbelt – otherwise it would have been a very different outcome. Mom stated that before taking the Driver’s Ed class, her daughter did not wear a seatbelt and learned the importance of it from the class. She was very grateful for the course and what her daughter and entire family took away from it!

FLVS Driver Education teacher Ms. Gibson agrees: “This job is not always about academics. It is about making a difference in each and every one of our students’ lives, no matter what area of their life we touch.”  She shared the following story about another student who had not been turning in work:

One day I got a message from the student’s mom that he had tried to take his life, feeling that he was worthless and that no one cared. I immediately responded and told her how sorry I was to hear this and to please let me know if there was anything I could do. About a week later he reached out to me. He was ready to start working again in the course. Every few days I would reach out to him to see how he was and recognize his hard work and dedication to the course. When he completed the course, he sent me a picture of his license…complete with a HUGE smile. His mom later said that my interest and caring about him pushed him forward and helped save his life.

Ms. Gibson says, “There are NO WORDS to describe the joy that filled my heart when she shared this!”

In addition to helping them prepare to earn their license, the FLVS Driver Education course aims to help students make safer driving decisions. Having recently completed the course, FLVS student Jessica shared the following review:

The Driver Ed course helped me feel prepared for passing my test and driving on the road. I can honestly say it has helped make me a safer driver. The course has lots of interactive parts and videos to show different scenarios a driver will experience. This was really helpful, because it gave me a good idea about what I will need to be aware of when I’m behind the wheel. They also helped me think through decisions I will have to make. For example, the lesson would give a driving scenario and then present several options about how to respond. You choose an option and see what the outcome would be. That helped me understand what happens when we make different choices as we drive. The lessons also show pictures to go along with descriptions of road signs. This was helpful when I was trying to memorize what the signs meant, which is important for the permit test and being a safe driver in general! When I took my permit test, I remembered what I had learned and felt totally prepared. Once I finished the course, I was able to take a test online that made everything very easy. I had all the things I needed to take to the DMV and have my learner’s permit in less than 10 minutes.

She concludes, “This is a totally relevant course that can make students safer drivers!”

Ready to get behind the wheel? Learn more about the FLVS Driver Education / Traffic Safety course.

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