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elementary-studentThe first day I took my son to Kindergarten, there were some chairs stacked outside his classroom in the hallway and I actually thought about climbing up the chairs to “peek in” and see how he was doing.

I wanted to know what he looked like in class, how he did with the other kids, and how the teacher treated him.

At FLVS Elementary, our parents tell us they have learned so much about teaching by watching our first-rate teachers.

Our Elementary program is currently up for an Innovate to Educate award for our “Innovative Class Time for Virtual School Students” and you can help!

Vote for us to win every day on Facebook through October 31, 2016.

We are so proud of our new elementary program and team of amazing teachers! You can see what it’s like for our Kindergarten – 5th grade students to learn online by checking out the video below. Don’t forget to share with others to spread the word!

Vote for FLVS Elementary for an Innovate to Educate award!

Pictured above is a photo of Seth, one of our elementary students. His mom Michelle shares, “Seth gets to spend time outside, do science experiments, and benefit from online Class Time! It’s the best of everything for him. He loves to learn languages (a different one every day – including Chinese since he was born in China), musical instruments (the guitar and accordion), and he loves to just be a kid. 🙂 He also makes time for his volunteer work at a local nursing home bringing smiles to everyone he meets.”


Post by: Sarah Sprinkel, FLVS Elementary Principal

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