FLVS Flex Elementary Adds Special Area Classes

Butterflies in my belly! I can’t wait for August 14 – the first day of school.

I never sleep the night before the first day of school each year. I’m so excited to meet our new children and families, and even though we’ve done welcome calls and seen students and parents at our Open House, nothing replaces ClassTime with our Kindergarten-5 kids.

As the principal of our unique online elementary program, I get more excited with every passing day.

So get ready for this new adventure – it will be a great year with committed teachers, excited families and most of all, young children ready to go! We can’t wait to serve you.

Not signed up yet, but want to learn more? Visit our FLVS Flex Elementary page here or read on to learn more about our new special area elective classes being offered this school year.


Look who’s growing! Our FLVS Flex Elementary Spanish pilot program was a great success last school year and we are gearing up for another fun year. Excitement and interest over Elementary Spanish has allowed the foreign language program to grow. Last year, online Spanish classes were available for our 3rd and 4th grade students. This year, it will be opened to Kindergarten through 5th grade. The additional grade levels have created a need for new staff, and with the addition of three new teachers, the excitement is mounting!

Kindergarten-5 students who sign up for Spanish will be joining Luci la Luciérnaga (Luci the Firefly) on her many adventures. Throughout the course, Luci shows students how to greet new friends in Spanish and even introduces us to some of her friends, like Mari la Mariposa. Luci and Mari help students learn about monarch butterflies as they participate in Journey North’s Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration. Luci’s other adventures are embedded into lessons about Los Números (numbers), Los Colores (colors), La Familia (family) and many more. Students will also be completing some fun projects to enhance their learning of the culture. A few examples include participating in the Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration, creating pumpkins for Hispanic Heritage Month, packing a suitcase, and becoming weather reporters of a Spanish-speaking country of their choice. All of these adventures will take place while meeting all the Florida State Standards.

Physical Education

FLVS Elementary has added Physical Education (PE) to its line-up of specials this year. Our PE program will encompass all the Florida State Standards while having fun and getting active. Students will partake in the first-ever FIT club where they will be challenged to use what they learn in class and apply to it to their and their family’s everyday routine. Coach Satin will encourage students to make a daily activity goal and eat healthy. Coach Kristen Satin has a background with 10 years of elementary experience and 11 years with the FLVS high school PE Department.

“I look forward to my students getting stronger self-confidence, fitness knowledge, and of course muscles. I think their strongest muscle will be their facial muscles from all the smiling we will do!” – Coach Satin


FLVS Elementary has also added Art to our special area electives this year! Our Art program will encompass all the Florida State Standards through fun and interactive projects. Students will create artwork based on what they learn in class about artists, cultures, art styles, mediums, and techniques. Mrs. Croft and Mrs. Greatorex are our Elementary art teachers and they are excited and looking forward to sharing their love for art and creativity with our students!

Learn more about FLVS Flex Elementary at www.flvs.net/elementary.

Post by Sarah Sprinkel, FLVS Flex Elementary Principal

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      Hi Jennifer! Yes, you can still sign her up! If she is already taking other classes with FLVS Flex Elementary, you can simply talk to her teacher about enrolling. If she will only be taking Spanish, you can email elementary@flvs.net and the team will be happy to help.


      Students can enroll in our FLVS Flex courses anytime during the year. If she is going to take a course while still attending Imagine Charter, she will just need the school guidance counselor to sign off on the course request after registering. Let us know if we can help or provide more information!

  1. Allison

    I have a question… my son is in 6th flvs flex. I’d like him to do intensive reading I’m not seeing this as an option


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