FLVS Graduation Rate Increases, Among Top 10 School Districts

During the 2022-23 academic year, the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) graduation rate increased to 92.6%, surpassing the previous rate by 2.6 percentage points. This accomplishment places Florida Virtual Full Time Public School among the top 10 non-lab school districts in Florida. There are 73 districts in the state.

The increase, which was published last week in a Florida Department of Education report, is the result of the Florida Virtual School team’s dedication to academic success. With 241,920 students across the state served last school year, FLVS is proud to be a top choice for families seeking a well-rounded and adaptable online educational experience. 

“This achievement highlights the importance of our collective efforts to deliver education tailored to meet every student where they are,” said Dr. Louis J. Algaze, president and CEO of Florida Virtual School. “Florida Virtual School ensures accessibility and choice for all types of learners, including students interested in accelerating their education, taking courses that aren’t offered in their traditional school, retaking a credit, balancing extracurricular activities, or learning online in a flexible environment.” 

The Florida Virtual High School graduation rates have increased by almost five percentage points in the past five years. This upward trend is a testament to our comprehensive and rigorous digital curriculum, as well as the commitment of our teachers and staff, who work tirelessly to ensure our students are challenged and supported in their academic journey. Graduation rates, determined by the number of students earning a high school diploma within four years, reflect the school’s success in guiding students toward successful academic outcomes. 

Operating on a traditional 180-day calendar from August through May, Florida Virtual Full Time Public Schools offers an exceptional online learning experience. Enrollment for the 2024-25 school year opens on June 3. Those interested are encouraged to sign up to receive enrollment reminder notifications or learn more about our school options.

Katie HodginsKatie Hodgins brings her wealth of experience and passion to the FLVS team, assuming the role of Content and Public Relations Specialist. A military veteran and lifelong learner, Katie enjoys communicating unique and innovative stories about people, places, and opportunities to inspire and engage the next generation. Having traveled throughout the world, she is excited to plant roots here in Florida and with Florida Virtual School.

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