FLVS Quick Start Videos

QuickStartThere’s only one person in charge of your academic success…and that’s you!

If you or your student is taking a Florida Virtual School course for the first time this year, the FLVS Quick Start video series is a great place to learn about course basics and topics like academic integrity and where to find stuff.

Learn the basics of taking an online course with Florida Virtual School through our New Student Orientation. These videos for middle and high school students walk you through our Student Dashboard, navigational tools, and more.

They are also available on the FLVS website or our YouTube channel.


34 comments on “FLVS Quick Start Videos

  1. Chris Lott

    I thought when I copied the lesson on how to use flvs today it copied the whole lesson as the teacher had showed us this morning. Like how to use everything then I could see it again later for review but all it shows is the schedule, quick start videos and study guides and help.

  2. Alexis

    These videos where very helpful and I am super excited to start Flvs and I would love to have the best experiment in Florida virtual school!! thank you so much teachers for you kind support!!!!


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