Congrats to our #FLVSCodes Contest Winners

February is Career and Technical Education Month – a time to recognize the importance of practical skills students need to succeed in the real world.

In support of this same goal, FLVS recently held an online photo and video contest encouraging students to share their love for coding and computer science. The entries featured students participating in a variety of STEM-related activities, from programming robots to participating in an Hour of Code.

The following participants were chosen to receive an iPad generously donated by the FLVS Foundation.


Scratch is a program our elementary students use to practice block-based coding. We love how Jayden demonstrated his coding skills with an animated video showing what it’s like to learn with FLVS Full Time using the school mascot, Megabytes!

He shared, “I created an animation using I included a short explanation of the codes I created. The video encourages a growth mindset at FLVS using our school mascot.”

Check out his video here.

Emma is a member of a “Girls Who Code” club and is pictured here writing Scratch code.

At FLVS, our clubs allow students to use and develop a variety of technology skills, including Coding Club, Robotics Club, media and video production clubs, and more.

Learn more about our student activities at


Allison is taking Advanced Placement Computer Science with FLVS.

She says, “This is my sister and I getting very excited when my FLVS Java program runs without errors!”

In AP Computer Science, students develop the skills required to write programs (or parts of programs) to correctly solve specific problems and prepare for the AP exam. Students like Allison explore design techniques to make programs understandable, adaptable, and reusable.

At FLVS, we’re passionate about helping students achieve their dreams and explore the important role technology plays in our lives and our futures – which is why we offer all kinds of ways to learn about coding and digital literacy.

We couldn’t be more proud of our contest participants who helped us showcase a few of these opportunities. We wish we could have chosen more of you as our winners!

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post featuring several honorable mentions from our contest submissions.


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67 comments on “Congrats to our #FLVSCodes Contest Winners

  1. Imala

    Congrats to all of you!!!! I’m so proud you Allison,Emma, and Jaden! I probably don’t know any of you guys, but i just wanted to say congrats!!!!


  2. Adrian Reyez

    I would say you are a “salty boi” but I understand how you feel, I was working on a 5 minute stop motion project that was so long (because stop motion takes about 1 hout for ever minute of audio and video) and difficult that I had to submit a half version.

  3. Jayden

    I am very happy that I won the I-Pad. Thank you to all of you that reviewed the entries. I again am so happy that I won. I know it must have been hard picking who won. There must have been so many people that had good entries. FLVS is such a great school for just giving us the opportunity to win such an amazing prize. Also, please feel free to watch the video. The link is at the top where my name is 😀

  4. Madeline

    Congratz guys! Im very proud of your hard work and effort. Im in 5th grade, and entered. I didnt give up, and u didnt either!!!

  5. Miabella

    Stupendous job Jayden, Emma, and Allison! Working and coding on a computer can be really challenging, especially because it doesn’t always work the way you want it to, and when you are able to do something this challenging, you are grabbing a hold of your strengths, which will transform into your dreams. I think this is a great career opportunity, and that you guys are so smart along with your participants. You all are uniquely amazing!

  6. Kayla

    Congrats Jayden, Emma, and Allison! You guys did awesome, and I know sometimes coding is so difficult, but you pulled through. Hard work pays off!

  7. Chloe

    I’m glad that ppl won an ipad, but next time could there be three winners per grade? 1st place gets an ipad, 2nd place gets an ipod, and 3rd place gets mp3 player?


      We’re working on ideas for future contests to give everyone an opportunity to share their love for online learning. 🙂 Stay tuned! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

  8. Ryan

    How do you even get to find out about these events? I didn’t get anything about this. Please tell me how I can be aware of this stuff? Anyone?

  9. Laci

    Hi! I just wanted to say congrats to all of our winners! I may be posting this comment kinda late, but I have been VERY busy(I am in softball). Jayden, your video was absolutly amazing! I laughed. It was funny. You have an amazing sense of humor and I loved the animation. I am a huge fan of animation. Sadly, I do all of my animation on paper and not computer and it is never recorded. But that is amazing! It is even better than one of my favorite animators, Jordan Sweedo, or Sweedo Toons! Fantastic job to everyone!

  10. Laci

    I wonder if we can have a sports contest…..I don’t have time for coding but I have plenty of time for sports. Can that be the next contest?


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