How FlexPoint Virtual School Helps Morgan Succeed

For millions of students around the world, the first day of school looked different in 2020.  

This year, Morgan and her classmates woke up on their first day of school to an all-new learning experience with FlexPoint Virtual School Elementary School.  Instead of lacing up their sneakers, grabbing their lunch box, or rushing to the bus with backpacks stuffed full of supplies, students eagerly awaited their first online lesson.

When considering options for the 2020-21 school year, Morgan’s mother Stephanie explained that her local school district had chosen FlexPoint Virtual School as their distance learning option. However, she wanted her daughter to have the ability to pace her school days in a way that would not have been possible with her district’s synchronous learning option. 

Providing Flexible Scheduling

By enrolling her daughter in FlexPoint Virtual School, Morgan was able to select from additional course options and have flexibility in her school day for hobbies.

Stephanie and her daughter reside in Arapahoe County, Colorado, where Morgan enjoys swimming, skiing, dancing, and playing piano. She also enjoys tennis, a sport that she can now dedicate more time to by attending lessons throughout the week thanks to the flexible schedule at FlexPoint Virtual School. 

Stephanie says online learning has given her daughter new skills, like the importance of creating a schedule and setting priorities, that will aid in her future endeavors. 

Instilling Ambition & Motivation

One of Stephanie’s concerns was ensuring that her daughter was able to take courses aligned with her academic level. She explains that although still in elementary school, “FlexPoint Virtual School worked with us to assess the correct placement best suited for Morgan in her Spanish studies and moved her to her current placement in M/J Beginning Spanish.” 

Now she is proud to share that Morgan is thriving with FlexPoint Virtual School.  

“She has developed the discipline to meet deadlines and be self-motivated. Through online learning, she has been required to problem solve independently rather than rely on her teachers. These attributes have been an unexpected outcome and she has exceeded our expectations.” 

Building Foundational Skills

Students are not alone in their academic journey. With FlexPoint Virtual School, Stephanie says that Morgan has the “objectives and course content that are becoming the foundation for her future education.”

She also has the support of her teachers who are available throughout the day to help her with her studies. Stephanie explains that Morgan is “internally motivated to succeed. She climbs to the highest step on the ladder and then reaches for the stars.” 

Stephanie would like to thank Shannon Todd, Morgan’s 5th grade teacher. “She has been supportive, encouraging, continually provides positive feedback, and has consistently been a great advocate.”  

If your family resides outside the state of Florida, FlexPoint Virtual School offers online courses for Kindergarten-12th grade students around the world!

Photo Credit: ModernMomLife – First Day of Distance Learning

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