How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at FLVS

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) employs more than 1,800 instructors across our spectrum of educational models. Each one of those instructors is driven by a passion to empower students of all ability levels regardless of their circumstances or specific challenges. The need many families face to keep some normalcy in their children’s education during COVID-19 has been seamlessly and enthusiastically met by FLVS instructors and leadership.

Our instructors are among the best in the nation! An essential part of why we are able to exceed expectations and deliver a superior educational experience is the culture of cooperation and teaming among our stellar educators.

Sharing Resources, Strategies, and Ideas

For more than six years, I have had the honor to serve FLVS Flex high school students by teaching social sciences and English. Part of what keeps me empowered and enthusiastic about our FLVS instructional teams is that we work together. We are always ready to share resources, strategies, and ideas about how to support professional growth, and FLVS instructors understand that everything  we do to build our team makes our students stronger.

On an average week, we support each other by teaming on direct instruction, developing of resources for diverse learners, and brainstorming solutions to student issues that may not even directly relate to our content area. FLVS teachers consistently communicate with a student’s other instructors in different subject areas to make comprehensive plans for success and support.

Successful teachers live in their students’ world.

We understand their challenges and fears; this is why we know how important it is for us to support the time and effort learners bring to their education. In my own career at FLVS, I have relied on the input and support of truly mission-driven colleagues with a passion for at-risk students. FLVS rock-star teachers like Tom DeSimone (Geometry), Andrea Kelly (U.S. History), Tracy Belcher (HOPE), and Heather Attillus (Economics)—just to name a few. At FLVS, teachers and leadership join forces so that we can raise up the success and expectations of our students. FLVS consistently shows growth and resilience in an ever-changing industry because we pour our hearts and minds into our craft.

Cooperation is not limited to subject area or content.

FLVS teams have worked diligently to “up” our direct instruction and connection game, sparking collaboration between Elementary, Middle, and High School teachers anxious to launch Zoom.

With the help of professionals from our literacy, leadership, and ESE teams, we built a movement that swept through our schools and set a new bar for the product we deliver. Fortuitously, amid the distance learning initiatives in 2020, FLVS teachers have now been able to support our brick-and-mortar counterparts with the launch and management of Zoom direct instruction.

We are purpose-driven people who have come together to build a better culture for online education. Our results and success stories for individuals and families fuel even greater accomplishments than we can imagine. This is FLVS, where learning meets life. 

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Post by Kat Vicchiullo Seufert, FLVS English 2 & 3 Teacher

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