In The Spotlight: FLVS Sports Stars

Have you ever wondered how many Florida Virtual School students partake in sports? There are hundreds of student-athletes at FLVS, but today I will feature four students who actively participate in sports. Continue reading this article to know all about these amazing FLVS sports stars!

Ava DuMond, age 15
Sport: Golf

Why do you love this sport?
“The warmth of the sun on your body and the breeze in your hair as you strike your drive down the middle of the fairway is the greatest feeling in the world. I love being out on the course just swinging away! One word I would use to describe the feeling I get when playing golf is freeing! I love golf because it is 98% a mental game — it challenges your brain and tests mental strength! It also teaches you that there are so many different ways to solve a problem! Anyone can play! Golf has brought so much happiness into my life!”

Cecilia Mo’Neesha Khan, age 13
Sports: Track and Field & Competitive Cycling

Why do you love these sports?
“I love these sports because they give me the opportunity to express myself. Ever since I was young, I have had a lot of energy. You would mostly see me outdoors, whether it be running 50 laps around the house, or simply biking. Now that I am competitively involved in these sports, I have built up more self-confidence, experienced a boost in my self-esteem, and built up a new career. This is why I am grateful for having the opportunity to do these sports.”

Daniel Albertson Jr., age 16
Sports: Sailing & Track and Field

Why do you love these sports? 
“I love track and field because the amount of options there are is amazing — there is something for everyone. I love sailing because when you’re engaging in the sport, it gives you a sense of freedom. I also love it because it’s work; yet when you do it right, it is the greatest feeling.”

Bryanna Alford, age 15
Sport: Dance

Why do you love this sport?
“I personally love dance because it helps me a lot with stress and allows me to forget some problems in life. It’s also a form of both sports and art so I love it.”

This article was written by, Cecilia, an FLVS Student, for News in A Click. News in a Click is the official student newspaper of Florida Virtual School (FLVS), managed by middle and high school students who attend FLVS with support from our newspaper club sponsors.

6 comments on “In The Spotlight: FLVS Sports Stars

      1. emily dearmas

        I’m thinking about transferring my kids to full time FLVS. My son played on the school volleyball team at the start of 2022. Would he be eligible to participate on the volleyball team in 2023 if I had him in FLVS full time? Sports and after school clubs are the only things holding us back from Full time enrollment.

        1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

          Hi Emily, Yes! Students can participate in extracurricular activities at the public school to which they would be assigned by their resident district. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your school counselor or an FLVS Full Time counselor for more information.

        1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

          Yes, You can participate in extracurricular activities at the public school you’re assigned by the school district. 🙂


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