Learn How Coding Can Help You Create Your Own Video Game During Hour Of Code 2022

Get ready for the global movement! Over 180 countries participate in the annual Hour of Code, where you can dive into the world of Minecraft, create your own Star Wars game, or even build your own custom face filter for social media. Join your fellow Florida Virtual School (FLVS) students and millions more from around the world for one (or more!) hours to learn the basics of computer science on December 5-8.

During Hour of Code, FLVS students can attend  presentations, events, and activities that highlight the magic of coding. And anyone can do it – whether you’re an experienced coder or just getting started.

Coding in Real Life

So now you may be wondering, how do your interests tie into programming and coding?

Are you a Star Wars movie buff? For those students in grades 1-5, check out the “Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code” presentation during the FLVS Hour of Code events, on Wednesday, December 7. During this session, students will learn to program droids and use block-based code to create their own Star Wars game in a galaxy far, far away. 

Or are you more of a Frozen fan? Students in grades 2-5 can join Anna and Elsa as they explore the magic and beauty of ice creating snowflakes and patterns, and design a magical winter wonderland to then share with friends during this exciting presentation on December 7. 

Usually programming is all text, but these activities use blocks that students can drag and drop to write the programs – perfect for those younger students learning the basics of coding. “It’s a great opportunity and you will leave with new knowledge, ideas, and experiences,” said Caden Cobb, 12th grade FLVS student.

Older students (grades 4-12) who may be newer to the world of coding might be interested in learning the basics of the programming language, Python. Check out “Drawing with Python” on Tuesday, December 6. No experience necessary! 

For those more familiar with coding, the Tech Club is offering more advanced programming experiences with middle and high school programming competitions for students to see how many challenges they can code in Python or Java in one hour. 

Hour of Code is open to all FLVS students, K-12! Explore the full schedule of virtual events here.

Future Possibilities

Caden Cobb, a 12th grade FLVS student, always had an interest in engineering and creating things, but it wasn’t until he joined the Coding Club his sophomore year that he explored the universe of programming and found its endless opportunities.

“I began exploring the world of programming, trying to better my understanding. What I found is the ability to create what doesn’t already exist, and to further what does. It is the engineering aspect and endless possibilities that fuel my interest,” said Caden. 

“Coding is such an amazing hobby/interest, it provides crucial skills for you when you are in your career. The amount of tech/IT/software engineering careers that are available are immeasurable, which can secure you, not only a future, but a very fulfilling career.”

Clubs and Friendships

As a member of Coding Club and Vice President of Tech Club, in addition to Vice President of Speech and Debate Club and President of National Science Honors Society, Caden stays busy with FLVS clubs because they not only benefit him in finding friendships with other FLVS students who share common interests and the same mindset, but he also gains knowledge of these interests he can then share with others.

FLVS offers several clubs for technology and coding. Check out the full list of all FLVS clubs here

And as Caden mentioned, “Hour of Code is such a great event, and I encourage all to join regardless of skill level.”

We hope to see you at this year’s Hour of Code!

Katie HodginsKatie Hodgins brings her wealth of experience and passion to the FLVS team, assuming the role of Content and Public Relations Specialist. A military veteran and lifelong learner, Katie enjoys communicating unique and innovative stories about people, places, and opportunities to inspire and engage the next generation. Having traveled throughout the world, she is excited to plant roots here in Florida and with Florida Virtual School.

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