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Summer STEM IdeasThe countdown is over and summer is now in full swing!

Can you hear the rejoicing cries of school-age children saying “no more alarm clocks,” “no teachers,” and “woohoo, no homework!”

Ask students what they want to do as they’re just beginning to submerge themselves in summer-break mode and more than likely you’ll get answers like: relax, watch TV, see movies, go to the beach, and chill with friends.

Ah, the youthful and carefree days of swimming, cookouts, vacationing, and nothingness…I remember it well. I also recall that after a period of time—for some it’s within a few days, others a few weeks or so—I would complain that I was bored.

Can you hear it? It’s the collective sigh of parents everywhere after hearing the unforgettable utterings: “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!” (What parents really want to say is, “Seriously?! If only I was a kid again and that bored!”)

But fear not! FLVS has you covered like a blanket on a warm sandy beach. Here are some fun websites and suggestions for free and (gulp) educational solutions on how to spend some of those long hot summer days.

Did you know in addition to recommended summer reading lists, there are a lot of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) opportunities to explore during the summer (or anytime)?

You can visit your local library to see what programming they offer or you can find opportunities abound online.

Check out Code.org for tutorials, games, as well as local classes.

Interested in Florida state parks, forests, trails, fish and wildlife? The website Getting in Touch with Florida Nature teems with hours of entertaining links.

Spend some time Exploring the Earth from the comforts of your home. This web page allows you to dig into geology or space, as well as dive to the depths of the seas.

Are you an aspiring video game designer? The STEM Video Game Challenge is on now until August 15.

Finally, Engineer your Life introduces female engineers and highlights careers and possibilities for women. There’s even a section for parents and counselors that provides background in engineering to better advise students.

This is just a small sampling. Google and see what learning opportunities you find. Sprinkle some education into your day and at the end of summer you may actually find yourself ahead of the curve and well prepared for the next school year.

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2016 STEM Sites for Students During Summer

Post by Suzan Kurdak, former FLVS Communications Specialist

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