Let’s Celebrate the 2023-24 Florida Virtual School Team Members of the Year!

Serving thousands of students virtually across the state and nation takes a devoted, enthusiastic, and caring team of educators. Our extraordinary teachers and support staff are dedicated to putting students at the center of every decision, inspiring them to pursue their dreams every day. This is why we are excited to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements through our annual awards.

Continue reading to discover how this year’s honorees are revolutionizing online learning and putting the needs of our students and team members first.


2025 Teacher of the Year: Ashleigh Scott

As a Grade 4 Instructor at Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Mrs. Ashleigh Scott provides students with a learning environment that inspires passion, excitement, and a growth mindset. She believes that all students are capable of learning and showcases that in everything she does. For example, she creates and shares valuable resources not only for her own students but for families and fellow teachers within her team, making sure everyone has access to the support and tools they need for success. Even printing and mailing assignments and resources to bridge the technology gap that students or families may face. Such dedication and individualization showcase her unwavering belief that every student deserves the opportunity to thrive academically.

This past school year, Mrs. Scott helped found her schoolhouse’s Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) committee, which started with seven teachers and continues to grow overtime. Mrs. Scott works closely with the STEM committee to create activities that would be accessible to all students, regardless of their background. She continues to develop and share virtual activities that families can participate in, keeping in mind that resources may differ for them. More than 100 families have participated during STEM nights so far, with the hope that it will continue to grow. “I believe that as we reflect on activities and experiences that our families enjoy, we will continue to strengthen and grow our STEM initiative!” said Mrs. Scott.

2024 Support Person of the Year: Shelli Reeves

In her role as Instructional Quality Senior Specialist, Mrs. Shelli Reeves stays student-centered in her efforts toward excellence. From collaborating with her team to developing auditing process solutions to always being available to help her teammates with a smile, Mrs. Reeves goes above and beyond. 

“As a former FLVS parent, I have experienced firsthand the difference a caring, patient, encouraging teacher can make in the life of a student,” said Mrs. Reeves. “I am fortunate to work on a team of talented instructors who are committed to upholding the integrity of FLVS.”

In addition to her role in Instructional Quality, Mrs. Reeves is dedicated to volunteering in her local community, often alongside FLVS students and families.

2024 Principal of the Year: Bryan Kim

Florida Virtual School is a place where Mr. Bryan Kim creates a positive learning environment. As a principal, he is passionate about creating a place where every student, parent, and team member, regardless of background or abilities, is treated with respect and dignity. 

Throughout his time at FLVS, Ms. Kim’s leadership and commitment to creating a positive and respectful learning environment has earned him the admiration and respect of students, parents, teachers, and colleagues. 

“Bryan leads with love and grace. He is the epitome of professionalism and puts children and teachers at the center of his every move. Bryan is a servant leader with vision. He represents the very best of FLVS!” said one of his colleagues.

2024 Assistant Principal of the Year: Nicole Elenzweig

Ms. Nicole Elenzweig is a dedicated leader with more than two decades of education experience. Her passion for building a close-knit community empowers her colleagues to reach their fullest potential. She aims to elevate student engagement, foster academic participation, and cultivate a school culture rooted in positivity.

Ms. Elenzweig is methodical and intentional in supporting her teachers, going above and beyond to be a resource to her team. For example, she managed multiple course updates and changes in collaboration with the curriculum department and the instructors she supports. Her cross-collaborative efforts with teams have ensured timely updates.

The Florida Department of Education celebrates thousands of outstanding professional educators and support personnel in Florida and the contributions they make to schools and districts. Learn more about the Teacher of Year program and related initiatives through the Florida Department of Education.

Kayle GattusoKayle Gattuso is a Talent Acquisitions Marketing Specialist for FLVS and FlexPoint, dedicated to bringing in the best team members to support the experience of our students and families. When she’s not working you can find her lost in a book or spending time with her family.

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