More than a Credit: The Value of an Online Course

The Florida legislature recognizes the need to prepare students for a rapidly-changing future. In 2011, a requirement was introduced that every Florida student successfully complete one online course in high school. However, the benefits of online learning extend far beyond a transcript!

Our students agree—our online courses are more than just a credit!

When asked for their feedback, 91% of past Florida Virtual School students said that taking courses with FLVS was beneficial in preparing them for college, careers, or life in general.

Valuable Soft Skills

Online courses teach students important soft skills, including managing time wisely, sustaining effort, acting honestly, using appropriate online behavior, collaborating effectively with others in a virtual setting, and more. Digital tools allow students to work together, learn, and communicate through video, audio, graphics, and interactivity. It also develops critical and analytical thinking, social skills, and cooperative skills.1

Preparation for College Success

FLVS offers 15 online AP courses that can count for college credit with qualifying exam score. Florida offers online learning at all public universities, with 40 percent of undergraduate courses projected to be delivered online by 2025.2

Essential Career Skills

FLVS offers industry certifications in multiple Career & Technical Education fields. 58% of all workforce training is delivered in a blended or online methodology. Students will need to be experienced online learners even if they go straight to the workforce from high school.3

Did You Know?
In addition to the benefits for students, FLVS also provides a cost savings to the state of Florida. FLVS is only funded for successful completions, opposed to seat time like traditional public schools. In the 2017-18 school year, every semester course taken with FLVS saved the state of Florida $143.03, amounting to more than $58 million in savings for the school year.

We’re proud to support the unique educational needs of students. If you’re exploring online education options, learn more about how learning meets life with Florida Virtual School.

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