On the Road to Success with Florida Virtual School

Who remembers the game Red Light, Green Light? The adrenaline-pumping race to the finish line when we were younger. Once you get older, not stopping on red has far more consequences than getting kicked off the field until the next game.  

Last year, a driver didn’t press the brakes when the light turned red, and Florida Virtual School (FLVS) senior and teen driver Breanna was almost hit. Although no one was injured, the experience completely changed her perspective as a new driver. Now, in celebration of Teen Safe Driving Week, she’s sharing her story to encourage everyone to stay alert on the road. 

“Siri, give me directions to FLVS.” 

In middle school, Breanna experienced challenges with asthma in the traditional school setting which led her to FLVS. After joining FLVS Flex, she quickly realized she was on the right track! The flexibility of online learning mixed with the comfort and safety of learning from home was the green light she needed to thrive.  

And, learning from home was just the beginning. Breanna shared that FLVS unlocked courses that weren’t offered at her traditional school, like Marine Science where Mrs. Blazi made learning fun and stress-free through discussion-based assessment (DBA) Bingo and other interactive games! 

Learning the Rules of the Road 

Along her journey, Breanne enrolled in the Driver Education course with FLVS.  “I always recommend it! I love the flexibility and how interactive the course is—especially the simulators ” which helped her master the rules of the road through real-life scenarios and eventually earn her learner’s license!  

As a new driver, Breanna keeps everything she learned in the course in mind to stay safe on the road, which kept her alert and ready to react when the near-miss accident happened. Even though she was prepared, she was still left feeling nervous to get back behind the wheel. That’s when she decided to join the Teen Driving Club.

Safety Begins with Me 

Now, Breanna’s back on the road thanks to the tremendous support of the Teen Driving Club sponsors Robin Sims and Sara Wiggins who encouraged her to take small steps to regain her confidence and the club members who offered an open ear. This school year she even stepped up to become President of the club to help build a safe community for students and encourage them to practice safe driving through stories, tips, and activities!  

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the roads safe. Breanna says, “It’s really important that students study the different types of driving impairments. Even something as simple as being tired from studying can really affect your attention on the road.”  

Whether you’re an experienced driver or new to the road, Breanna encourages everyone to stay alert and safe.   

Ready to master the rules of the road? Enroll in Driver’s Ed with Florida Virtual School.

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Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones is a Social Media Support Specialist for FLVS and FlexPoint, sharing the unique online learning experiences of students, families, and educators. Outside of work, she enjoys road trips to new places and spending time with family!

17 comments on “On the Road to Success with Florida Virtual School

    1. katelyn kiss

      Hello so I was thinking of making my own FLVS Club it would be dedicated to rainforest basically I’ll be with you in the club would be learn about rainforest and ways to protect them. We would always have our mettings on zoom it would also be free and we would meet about once a week on zoom probably wouldn’t be an official FLVS Club but I think would be nice to host and spread awareness about how rainforests are disappearing but I obviously need some help and some people to actually join the club… But I don’t know how it’s a go example how to people sign up? And stuff like that. Is it okay for like the the co-host for the club you have to join meetings and help me schedule stuff like that it’s okay if not… You might need permission from your parents heads up! XD

    2. Weston Dean (Wes)

      That’s a great idea Katelyn!! I would definitely join that club, have you figured out the co-host?!?! 🙂 😀 Ok, so it’s an unofficial club, so will you be hosting it in like your own zoom meetings or by a teacher?? I mean it’s still a great idea, I guaranteed would join it!! 🙂 🙂

      1. Weston Dean (Wes)

        Yea that’ll be cool!! I’m tempted to join lol, but idk if my parents will allow it…..but still if it becomes an official club, I’ll lokey try to join. 🙂 😀 🙂

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones Post author

      Hi Lora, Students earn a voucher to take their test after successfully completing the course.


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