Meet our 2016 Photo Contest Winners

flvs-photo-contestOver the last several weeks, FLVS students have been sharing what makes them unique in our fall photo contest on social media.

Using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, participants were asked to submit a photo showing what makes them one-of-a-kind using #IAMFLVS.

It was truly inspiring to see so many entries (including many of our new elementary students!) and hear all of your stories. We also enjoyed following the journey of several students who participated in our contest in years past!

We loved hearing how the flexibility of FLVS allows you to be yourself and follow your dreams.

As we have in previous contests, three winners were selected…one at random, one by our judges, and one by popular vote.

And now, we’re excited to present them to you!


My anxiety reducer. Attending school through FLVS has reduced my anxiety. I am better able to focus on my school work – and if I do become stressed, I just get a snuggle with my bulldog, Mugzy.

We’re so glad to hear that, Alex! We consider it a privilege to help students that thrive in different educational environments, with the added bonus of staying connected and closer to family and friends — and pets too! dog-emoji


sophie-picChoosing to become a full-time FLVS student my senior year of high school was big. It was only when I began I realized all of the possibilities. Now, I’m able to make anywhere my campus, from Starbucks to the airport to all around the world. Being able to take rigorous AP courses like I did in public school on FLVS allows me to finally mandate a schedule of my own-dedicating the appropriate time and effort towards school, volunteering, and the things I love, like photography and film all while staying on track to graduate, attend a prestigious university, and do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

Thanks for sharing your story, Sophie! Choosing our favorite photo out of hundreds of amazing entries was a real challenge, but our judges loved the creativity of this image and the way you captured this moment at a local coffee shop that speaks to the FLVS student experience. coffee-emoji


My name is Jaycee. I love using FLVS because it allows me to be flexible with my classes therefore allowing me to travel and to be adventurous!!

We have so many students that are able to travel thanks to the flexibility of online learning! From military families to athletes to actors, we heard from all kinds of adventurers just like Jaycee this year. Let us know where FLVS is helping you travel in the comments below! airplane

Honorable Mentions

FLVS allows me to ride and compete in eventing with my horse. I recently competed at my first American Eventing Championships. My name is Kat and #IAMFLVS. –Kat
I love music and performing and never had enough time in the day to learn and practice everything I wanted to do. FLVS provides me the opportunity to pursue high level academics and my passion for playing instruments, acting, singing, songwriting, dance, and musical theatre. –Ashley
I am an explorer, an adventurer, and FLVS helps make my biology study dreams come alive!!! –Dyon
FLVS was recommended to me by my Principal to supplement my regular classes. In 3rd grade I took the 6th grade Critical Thinking Class, over the summer I took photography (it was AWESOME!), and now, in 4th grade, I am taking Middle School Keyboarding. #IAMFLVS because it helps make learning fun and makes it easy to add challenging work to my already challenging schoolwork at school, at home, or on the go! I mean, it must be fun if I did it over the summer, right? –Shaye
I do homeschooling from my blanket fort that I made all by myself while I eat one of my favorite nutritious snacks, carrots. I am special because I am very creative. I play piano, I love to sing, and I’m an artist. In my free time, I play in my fort with my favorite stuff animals. –Lydia
I am special because I go on mission trips to Haiti. FLVS helps me because I am taking a French class with them, and this will help me communicate better with the people in Haiti. –Kate
FLVS gave me the opportunity to better my grades because of my disability. My grades suffered at Public School due to me missing time because of hospital visits. FLVS also offered me the flexibility to learn new things such as Scuba Diving! –Joseph
Being a student at FLVS, allows me to travel the world and share my story, as Miss Teen North Florida Int. My mom and I started a bullying program to help the victims of bullying, called “Rise.” I have already been to Victoria, BC to meet with the CBT board at the university. My upcoming trips are: Toronto, Costa Rica, Paraguay, and France. Doing FLVS allows me to explore the world, and help others. –Sydney
FLVS allows me the opportunity to spend more time with family and my animals here on our ranch.  I can adjust my schedule around chores, training, feeding, travelling, competing or just family time. #ranchlife –Kaylee
This year is my last year of high school so better make it count #IAMFLVS #IAMROTC #IAMASWIMMER #IAMACHOIRSTUDENT #IAMDIFFERENT –Kaitlin
Cordelia working hard to become a Marine Biologist and Veterinarian. She’s using FLVS to skip a grade in middle school. –Cordelia
FLVS allows me to have more performing arts electives at school so I can advance in music and theatre. It has given me the chance to improve in what I love. This is my Egyptian instrument and it makes me unique. –Nour
I am unique because I love utilizing all the opportunities school provides me! I am the State Vice-President for an organization call Skills USA and now I get to travel all over training to be a leader and help others become leaders themselves. –Rosajunely
FLVS allows me to follow my dreams of being a top ranked BMX Racer and train to be an Olympian rider one day. –Weston

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  1. Katy

    I wish this were a regular monthly contest. I took photography 1 for a high school elective and I loved taking photos.


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