Professional Learning at FLVS in 2017

LightbulbAt FLVS, our growing and learning continues daily! Learning isn’t just something our students do each and every day – our teachers do too.

Our professional learning team is an incredible group of educators who work tirelessly to help our teachers grow and learn so they can all reach their students effectively.

There are all kinds of exciting initiatives rooted in the Professional Learning team that we’re focused on in 2017.

We have amazing team members who benefit our teachers and staff with their commitment to providing stellar professional learning opportunities across our district.

Here are a few of the exciting learning opportunities we have for our teachers and staff to keep growing and learning:

Developing a Growth Mindset

This has been an ongoing learning initiative we continue to build on each year. Recently our Learning Specialist team completed a book study of “Mindsets in the Classroom.” It provided some innovative strategies for developing our own growth mindsets as teachers and staff, as well as how to apply the strategies in our work with colleagues and students. Since this interactive and engaging book study, we have lead two training sessions that included ideas from this book.

Professional Learning Communities:

It has been three years since we implemented a new format for leading Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and we have learned and grown so much since that time! We now have 247 PLC teams across our schoolhouses! That is 247 teams of teachers working together to make a difference for each other and their students. Our PLC teams are committed to making sure students grow and learn and we couldn’t be more proud of everything they are doing!

Clinical Education:

We offer our instructors Clinical Educator training.  It is the perfect way to help instructors prepare for the journey of becoming a Clinical Supervisor.  The role of Clinical Supervisor is a rewarding way to help pre-service teachers (also known as interns) learn the most effective teaching strategies of online learning within FLVS.  Obtaining Clinical Educator certification and hosting an intern not only creates an avenue for teachers to have a beneficial impact on the virtual teachers of tomorrow, but it also helps cultivate the teacher’s leadership skills.

As we look to the future, we see many more chances to learn and grow. The Professional Learning team is committed to helping our teachers and staff reach their fullest potential. As always, we are here for you and your learning needs! Please reach out or leave a comment if we can help make a difference in your life, in your department, or your work with students.

To all of our teachers, thank you for all you do for the students and families at FLVS.

Mary MitchellMary Mitchell is an instructor who has held several positions at FLVS over the years. A National Board Certified Teacher, she has been recognized as a Teacher of the Year for FLVS, the United States Distance Learning Association, and Discovery Middle School in Orange County, FL. She has written articles on topics ranging from computer image processing to teacher training for the online classroom.

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