Season of Gratitude: Florida Virtual School Students and Parents Thank FLVS Teachers 

The month of November ushers in the holiday season of giving and gratitude.  It’s important to take time to pause and reflect, thinking about all that life has to offer by appreciating those around you and thanking them for all they do.  

At Florida Virtual School (FLVS), our team members are the best of the best in education, playing a vital role in not only the success of our students but also in shaping the future of the next generation. 

Our teachers do so much every day – from providing one-on-one support, to making students laugh when they are having a hard day, to finding new and innovative ways to help students achieve success.   

As Henry Brooks Adams once said, “a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”  

Teachers not only help students who are currently in their classes, but they can also have a profound impact on students throughout the course of their life.  And in this season of gratitude, we want to let our FLVS teachers know just how thankful we are for their dedication, support, and understanding.  

And what better way to let them know than by sharing a few words of appreciation and thankfulness from our students and parents?  Each quote that was submitted highlights how our teachers represent our five FLVS values that lay the foundation for our student-centered focus, building a community of care and support.  

These values include excellence, innovation, community, balance, and communication.

Excellence, where our team members deliver the best. Always. Innovation, we lead transformative learning. Community, building meaningful connections. Balance, FLVS team members embrace flexibility. And finally, communication, where we listen, share and collaborate openly.  


  • I love having Mrs. Hoogland as my teacher. She encourages me to do my best! — FLVS student 
  • Michael Decker (2nd Grade). He is AMAZING with these children! Patient, clear, easy to follow, and ensures no child feels left out or falls behind. He is instant in his responses to questions from parents and kids alike and the experience we have had so far in his class makes me wish we didn’t wait until second grade to leave brick and mortar. — FLVS parent 
  • Mrs. Hughes, thank you for putting effort into making sure I understand everything! You’re a wonderful teacher. — FLVS student 
  • Mrs. Bell is awesome! She’s so helpful and kind, and you can tell she loves what she teaches! — FLVS student 
  • Hands down, one of the best 5thgrade teachers is Mrs. Rosalind Hill. I am thankful for her because she truly makes connections with her students and cares about them. My son loves her and looks forward to seeing her during class time and DBAs. — FLVS parent 


  • Mrs. Tavares because she helped me get on pace after joining Spanish late. — FLVS student 
  • Mrs. Wilmore is caring and truly understands that teaching goes beyond the classroom. — FLVS parent 
  • Mrs. Frantzis is kind, compassionate, and nurturing. She builds confidence! — FLVS parent 
  • We are thankful for Mrs. Jessica Strong, our 6th grade ELA teacher. She takes the time to encourage by texting any kids who need some extra encouragement. She had themed lessons that made the material so fun!! — FLVS parent 


  • Mrs. Ransom makes learning fun! She is encouraging, kind, and inspires a love for reading! — FLVS parent 
  • Ms. Wilhelm! She’s always there when you need anything, class related or not. She’s so helpful! — FLVS student 
  • Our son’s favorite teacher is 6th grade math teacher, Mrs. Donna Brand. He absolutely loves when he gets to talk to her for his DBAs. He loves her southern accent and her kind words, and the way that she’s always so interested and invested in him and his learning. We are thankful to have a teacher he’s built a bond with through his virtual learning. —FLVS parent 
  • I am thankful for Mrs. Palacio! She always motivates and encourages her students! — FLVS student 


  • Mrs. Slayton, English (9th grade). This is our first year doing Flex and she honestly makes it feel as if we are “in class” with a teacher. She is happy, positive, and supportive. She sends positive text messages to us both to congratulate my son on his grades and keeps me in the loop on his assignments and grades. But honestly, they all have been great BUT Mrs. Slayton stands out as going above and beyond for the children. — FLVS parent 
  • My daughter is in sixth grade, and we think they are all amazing teachers. She’s been brick-and-mortar until this year, and the curriculum and assignments are very challenging, but as a retired teacher, I know it is aligned with state standards, and I’m very impressed with FLVS. Her teachers provide all kinds of helpful resources and have offered individual help whenever she’s gotten behind, and there are plenty of opportunities for catching up! We are especially thankful for her homeroom and science teacher, Erin Chenderlin, for constantly reaching out and helping us stay on pace. — FLVS parent 
  • A teacher I seriously appreciate is Mrs. Wilcox. Her love for math has influenced me to view math from a different lens and now I actually like it. Beyond being a great math teacher, she is a mentor and makes me feel like I can always come to her with any question regardless of the subject. So, thank you Mrs. Wilcox for your hard work and kindness – it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. — FLVS student 
  • Mr. Walsh (Civics 7th grade) He is the best! Very friendly, cares about his students, has a positive attitude, and is always happy! — FLVS parent 
  • Ms. Plana helped push me through the school year and praised me for my success. — FLVS student 


  • Mrs. Zimmerman always reaches out asking if I need any help! — FLVS student 
  • Mrs. Foltz because she always answers my questions really quickly and effectively. — FLVS student 
  • Mrs. Labrousse because she focuses on making teaching fun and understandable. — FLVS student 
  • Mrs. Baker, who teaches Criminal Justice, makes me feel accomplished with her helpful comments! — FLVS student 
  • Mrs. Dean because she lets us participate and always answers my questions. — FLVS student 

Thank you to all our amazing FLVS team members! We are thankful for you and wish you the best, this holiday season and every day.  

Want to thank other FLVS teachers? Leave a comment below, telling us why you are thankful for them. Plus, share your thanks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by tagging #FloridaVirtualSchool.  

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Katie HodginsKatie Hodgins brings her wealth of experience and passion to the FLVS team, assuming the role of Content and Public Relations Specialist. A military veteran and lifelong learner, Katie enjoys communicating unique and innovative stories about people, places, and opportunities to inspire and engage the next generation. Having traveled throughout the world, she is excited to plant roots here in Florida and with Florida Virtual School.

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