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FLVS Social Media MenuWant to learn more about how social media has changed (and continues to change) the world?

The FLVS Social Media course won’t teach you how to use Facebook, the proper way to use a hashtag, or how to get more Instagram followers.

What it will teach is how social media has evolved, how your digital footprint makes an impact, and how you can find authenticity and truth in an online world where you can “be” anyone.

You might have heard people say that the world doesn’t revolve around you. But in the world of social media, that’s not really true.

Throughout the course, you’ll get to create change of your own by exploring a cause that’s important to you, whether it’s animal rights, environmental conservation, childhood hunger or something else entirely. As one of our News in a Click student writers shared earlier this week, there’s more to life than social media!

If you’re interested in getting involved and getting active in both local causes and online communication, view our course video tour and screenshots below:

Social Media Screenshots - Cartoon
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      Hi Savanna. You will be asked to use your social media account or create new accounts to learn about various platforms and like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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