Student Focus: Meet Peyton

This post was written by Meghan Leffew, one of our FLVS Full Time Elementary parents.

As a mother, I am incredibly thankful for FLVS Full Time. My son is five and this is his first year of school. He was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation that causes things like neutropenia and leukemia. I only had two choices for his education – to hold Peyton out of Kindergarten or take a chance.

We decided to enroll Peyton into FLVS Full Time three weeks before school started.

Everyone was so wonderful helping me get everything together to enroll him. Ms. Galarza was amazing and made sure that Peyton had his 504 Plan in place before school even began. Peyton is homebound and he wears a mask when he goes outside due to risk of infection, so attending a brick-and-mortar school is not an option for him.

FLVS gives Peyton an outlet with his peers and allows him to interact and to be physical. His teachers have been wonderful, making sure that he stays on task and giving us any make up work that we have missed. Peyton has been admitted to the hospital twice already since the school year started, but that did not hinder his learning at all. He stayed on track and was able to catch right back up.

His teacher sent him get well cards and featured his work in his class. He actually looks forward to school every day. His favorite subjects are P.E., Art, and science. As parents, it means so much to us that the school staff has impacted my son’s life and given him something to look forward to daily while he goes through these struggles.

For anyone that has ever doubted online schooling, I am here to tell you it works, and I have seen it work in just two short months. Peyton has gone from a level 2 to 5 in reading and I cried happy tears! I didn’t think any of this was going to be possible, but because of the wonderful FLVS Full Time Elementary team, it is! I know how hard it is to get everyone on the same page living in different places, but FLVS Full Time does an amazing job.

As the director of a daycare for more than 12 years, I know how hard this must be and I know that all of the staff have one goal in mind – and that is the children!

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13 comments on “Student Focus: Meet Peyton

  1. Gabriel

    I am touched, i hope peyton goes well through elementary, middle and high school and beyond, and becomes a great man and gets a good job.

  2. M Barrows

    What a blessing FLVS has been to our family and yours! God Bless and keep your family! FLVS has outstanding educators and my Junior in High School wouldn’t do school any other way!

  3. Diannah Hughes

    I am so Happy to hear this! I just enrolled my daughter, she is in the flex program. we do homeschool as well. She is a cancer survivor she had Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She has been cancer free for four years but she has some learning blocks due to the intense chemo. she is nine and reading at a second grade level. I am looking forward to flex school I need help getting her caught up. I feel for you and your family. Congratulations Peyton!!! Keep up the great work! Great job mom and dad! We are our childrens voices!

  4. Jada Rivera

    Omg! Aww!! I saw his picture and started to tear up! He his a real life miracle! Keep it up!
    God bless your family<3


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