FLVS Student Makes it to Top 8 Girls on American Idol!

Tyanna Jones“The biggest question I have in my mind is…what can’t you sing?”

– Harry Connick, Jr. to Tyanna Jones after her Top 8 Girls performance of “Rockin’ Robin”

After watching her few performances on American Idol so far, many people are asking the same question. FLVS student Tyanna Jones is part of the Top 16 for FOX’s American Idol XIV. At only 16 years old and just a junior in high school, Tyanna is already a veteran in the singing business. She started at five years old and grew up singing in the church. Her favorite type of music is R&B and she’s inspired by Beyonce’s performances and ability.

Getting to Idol wasn’t an easy process.

Her mother was looking up competitions for her and found the last two show auditions were in New York and San Francisco. Knowing that was a long way from her home in Jacksonville, Florida, she went back to her roots – the church. They helped her raise the money needed to fly out to San Francisco, where she auditioned in front of Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr., and Keith Urban singing “Wings” by Little Mix…and then she was in!

She’s always more excited than nervous.

This is her dream and she’s just thrilled to get to sing on the stage. However, she still values her education. Each day, she does schoolwork for her brick-and-mortar school, as well as her FLVS classes. Tyanna said her schools support her immensely.

Right now, she is taking a full load of classes at her brick-and-mortar school, as well as two Florida Virtual School courses. Having to transfer schools, she realized that not all of the same classes were available to her at both locations. That’s where FLVS fits right into her life. She was able to continue those courses online and complete her credit while she attended her new school.

The best part about Idol for her is getting to perform.

She says that the other performers are just like a big family and she’s making so many news friends during her stay there. When asked about the best advice to give young performers, she said to be prepared for anything because you never know what is going to happen next.

So what’s next for Tyanna Jones?

Check her out on American Idol on Wednesday, March 11th at 8pm on FOX. If she makes it to the next round, she will be singing her “road song” and needs your support through voting! You can also catch her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapshot by looking for @iamtyannajones. If she wins Idol, she said she’d buy her family a house, a car for her mom, and fly her family out to see her. Our FLVS family wishes her the best of luck and can’t wait to see her advance in the show!



Post by FLVS Instructor / Former Student Activities Coordinator Christin Wheeler

7 comments on “FLVS Student Makes it to Top 8 Girls on American Idol!

  1. Jocelyn Bailey

    Oh I am so jealous of her she is so lucky. I would die to be on American Idol and win. I love to sing, acct, dance, and model so she is super lucky. Best of wishes Tyanna Jones!

  2. Andrew Johnson

    Wow, this is awesome. I’ve had friends who tell me I should start a band and go on to being famous for my guitar and music. This inspires me further. Good luck!

    -Andrew Johnson


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