FLVS Courses for Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Recipients

FTC Scholarships blogHere at Florida Virtual School, we want ALL students to have access to our amazing selection of more than 140 courses. Our students come to FLVS from many different backgrounds and for many different reasons, and there is something for everyone!

We understand that Florida Virtual School families value choice and opportunity when it comes to their children’s education and we make it our goal to provide it.

We work with all of the School Choice programs in Florida and the districts to make sure students have access to high-quality digital learning.

Today, we want to talk about the opportunity that students receiving the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship have with FLVS.

Did you know that recipients of the FTC can take up to two FLVS courses each school year?

If the student is enrolled in a private school that accepts the tax credit scholarship or is using the award to attend a public school outside his/her designated district, FLVS can be a part of his/her education as well!

The Florida Legislature created the tax credit scholarship in 2001 to serve low-income students. The annual scholarship is an income-based program providing up to $5,272 to assist with tuition at participating private schools or $500 to help with transportation costs to out-of-county public schools. Courses taken at FLVS (up to two a year) do not affect or reduce the scholarship.

To learn more about the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, please visit the Florida Department of Education’s School Choice site.

If you know someone on the FTC scholarship, or someone thinking about it, make sure you tell him/her that FLVS can be a part of his/her education too!

Scholarship Funding Organizations approved to administer the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program and the Personal Learning Scholarship Account Program include Step up For Students and the A.A.A. Scholarship Foundation. Learn more about these organizations here.

Post by Holly Sagues, Former Executive Director of Governmental Affairs & Strategic Solutions

10 comments on “FLVS Courses for Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Recipients

  1. Costa

    My children are about to enter the 6th grade at summers end. They are currently on the Step Up For Students Program which has been an incredible help. I would like to implement the FLVS into their lives beginning with this summer. Am I understanding correctly that they may only take 2 courses each per year?

    Thank you

  2. Byron

    My kindergartener was awarded the tax credit scholarship and wanted to use it at flvs, but everyone I’ve spoken to is either not familiar with the scholarship or doesn’t know how it works with flvs. Please help I don’t want to lose the scholarship.


      Hi Byron. We can help with this! FLVS is free to all Florida students and we currently have two options on the elementary level. One is FLVS Full Time, our fully-online public school for grades K-12 that is operated through a partnership with Connections Academy for grades K-8.

      This year, we also have a new free FLVS Elementary option for grades K-5. You can learn more by clicking on the “Elementary” tab at https://flvs.net/options. Again, both of these options are available to Florida residents at no cost and would not require you to use the scholarship if we are your primary education provider. However, some students do use the tax credit scholarship (usually administered through an organization called Step Up for Students) to pay tuition at a private school. If your Kindergartener is attending a private school, the school may still consider our FLVS Elementary option for some subjects.

      On the middle and high school level, students who attend a private school on the tax credit scholarship can take up to two online FLVS courses each school year (in addition to their regular schooling) without it affecting the scholarship.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

  3. Donna

    My son attends private school right now using the AAA Scholarship for special needs. Can he still use this scholarship for therapies and a college fund if we decide to have him attend FLVS in the future? For all classes? Not through the county eSchool, but FLVS full time. Their handbook states that if he attends a public school, he is no longer eligible for the scholarship, but they said he could attend FLVS. I am concerned because FLVS says it is a public school.


      Hi Donna! You are correct that FLVS Full Time is considered a public school. However, FLVS Flex is our other option that allows students to take individual online courses as a homeschool student or while attending a traditional school. This page provides details about scholarship requirements for eligibility and access: https://www.flvs.net/about/programs/scholarship-student-information.

      If you still have questions about this, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our FLVS Flex school counselors: https://www.flvs.net/student-resources/flex/advisement.

  4. JC

    If flvs flex is free to all Florida residents why is SUFS being billed?

    I was told SUFS does not pay for flvs class if taken during the summer, so it would not count towards the 2 courses per year so you won’t lose your scholarship?


      Hi JC, Each scholarship has their own guidelines for virtual courses. Some students do use the tax credit scholarship to pay tuition at a private school. If your student is attending a private school, the tax credit scholarship can take up to two online FLVS courses each school year, in addition to their regular schooling, without affecting the scholarship. Parents should check with the scholarship to which they were awarded to ensure that they adhere to the guidelines.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

  5. Mariela Gutierrez

    Are students who attend private school using the Family Empowerment Scholarship eligible for the two courses a year? Or do parent have to pay for FLVS out of pocket and scholarships funds in their case are solely for private school tuition?


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