Why Our Teachers ❤ Teaching

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, FLVS is proud to celebrate our outstanding team of out-of-this-world teachers! The dedication and hard work they put forth each and every day gives our students a greater chance to succeed in school and throughout life.

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Last month, we asked our instructors to share why they became teachers. While the reasons varied, they all had one thing in common a desire to help students succeed.

Here were just a few of our responses…

Why I became a teacher was by chance really. I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll give teaching a try!’ Why I’ve remained a teacher for nearly 13 years, however, is completely intentional. I love connecting with students—especially here at FLVS. I love being my students’ cheerleader, guiding them through new concepts and new ideas, watching them interact with what they read, digging deeper to challenge their thinking. I love the lightbulbs that burn brightly when they learn something new. I love helping my students learn, not just the content, but more about themselves. 

Rebecca Van Nuys, M.Ed.
English 1 Teacher

One of my favorite quotes is, “Be who you needed when you were younger.” I graduated in the top of my class in high school, yet I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. In fact, I had an entire list of things I didn’t want to do and teaching was on it! But…life is funny like that. Sometimes, you’re drawn to where you’re needed most. That’s what teaching is for me now. It’s simply where I am meant to be. And, I’m trying my best to be who I needed when I was younger. 

Brittany Williams
Creative Photography Teacher

I decided to become a teacher because I genuinely enjoy interacting with young people.  I always think…do students want to learn what I am teaching, by the way that I am teaching it? I truly believe the right teacher can teach any student, and we need so many teachers because teachers are not “one size fit all.” I felt I brought something different that students could relate to.  I know that I complete my team of teachers like a great athletic team working together for one common goal – the success of students. 

Ronald Milligan
Fitness Lifestyle Design Teacher

If you’re an educator, tell us why you became a teacher! Share your story with us in the comments below.

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  1. Brazdon

    Your are an awesome teacher. You kept in touch and assisted me when I needed help. I really appreciate you. Thanks.


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