The 411 on the 4.0

Have your ever heard someone boast that they have a 4.9 GPA? Did you know that you need a 2.3 GPA to play Division 1 NCAA Sports? Are you working toward that 3.5 GPA for Bright Futures Scholarships?

If all these numbers sound like gibberish, let us give you the 411 and the 4.0 on your GPA!

GPA stands for grade point average. Your GPA is a numerical way of measuring academic achievement common in the U.S. When applying to a college or university, this is just one piece of the puzzle of admission. While your GPA is important, it is not the only thing that the admission panel will review. However, as a high school student, it’s important to know your GPA and how it is calculated.

For public and most private school students, this is easy as most schools will calculate this for you! However, as a Home Education student, the parent is the school administrator and will be the one to calculate the GPA. As FLVS Flex is the curriculum provider, we do not calculate GPA.

You can calculate a general GPA by using this basic formula.  FLVS Flex and most public schools in Florida follow semesters/segments which makes it simple.  Be sure to include all the high school level courses that you have taken to factor your cumulative GPA!

For each semester (or segment) letter grade, use this point value:

  • A=4.0
  • B=3.0
  • C=2.0
  • D=1.0

Add up each semester/segment point value and divide by the total segment/semesters earned for your regular unweighted GPA.

For a weighted GPA, you can give yourself an extra .5 for honors courses and 1.0 for AP/Dual Enrollment/AICE courses. This is how students can have GPAs over a 4.0!

Here’s an example. In the first semester of 9th grade, Will earned:

Course Semester Grade (.5 credit) GPA
English 91 – A 4.0
Math Honors 86 – B 3.5 (Add .5 for weighted GPA)
Science 89 -B 3.0
History 95 – A 4.0

add GPA values to equal 14.5
Divide by 4 for the total number of segments
= Total Cumulative Weighted GPA 3.625

It’s that simple! Making a simple table like this can be helpful as you approach your 11th and 12th grade year as you will have many grades to factor in!

Remember that this is just a general GPA! Every college/university will factor GPAs differently. Some schools will only include core courses and other schools will factor in all grades, including electives. Calculating your GPA can help you know where you are in regard to an overall view of your academic grades. If you are interested in applying for scholarships, or in NCAA eligibility, you must know your GPA to make sure you are meeting your goals!

Now you’re set! You have the 411 on the 4.0!

Anne FlennerAnne Flenner, School Counselor, has worked to meet the academic, social, personal, and professional needs of FLVS students since 2011. Previously a school counselor in Alachua County, she has received several awards and serves on multiple state counseling boards and committees. She has a Master's degree in Counselor Education from UF. Anne loves working with student athletes, supporting college and career readiness, and focusing on student mental health and wellness.

17 comments on “The 411 on the 4.0


      You will receive a transcript for your FLVS Flex courses only. (This will be applied to your current school transcript for GPA calculations.)

  1. Gary Fitt

    Something doesn’t add up. What if all four of the above courses were Honors courses (not too unlikely a scenario). If the student scored an A grade for each class, that would give the student a GPA of 6.0 (add 0.5 for each Honors course). Either a flat 0.5 for a course is too high, or there must be another way it gets calculated. Thanks though, good information otherwise.

  2. Gary Fitt

    I see the error of my ways. I didn’t divide by the number of classes. So if a student takes four honors classes and scores an A in each one, the GPA would be 4.5 x 4 classes = 18; 18/4 = 4.5 (of course). GPA = 4.5. Ahh…that’s better.

  3. Elsie

    If the student is enrolled with FLVS Flex as a 7th grader, and completed all their courses (Math, Science, History, Language Arts) with a passing grade; will they be enrolled as an 8th grader if they go back to Public school.

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

      Hi Elsie, Be sure to reach out to your counselor to ask about state testing requirements and the process for transitioning back to brick & mortar.

  4. Ivanna

    Hello, I am currently taking an FLVS Honors Class in order to raise my GPA. Do you know about how much it will raise it? I have a 4.135 Weighted and a 3.308 Weighted. If you’re unsure, can you please give me an estimate? Thank you 🙂

  5. Shawn Ivan

    Hi, I am an all A student and got a B in my history class. I wanted to know if getting an A in a FLVS course bring my GPA back to a perfect 4.0?

  6. Emma

    Hello! I was wondering if the Drivers Ed course on FLVS counted towards my GPA or if it would just go on my transcript. Is there an option to not let it count?

  7. Alicia

    My daughter did FLVS flex for high school. Her college wants a final weighted GPA and a date of graduation or completion . We sent her transcripts through Parchment, twice and they say it’s not the final weighted GPA. FLVS flex does not give a diploma so I got a completion of high school form from the Florida Department of Education, home school affidavit and had it notarized and sent that. What else can I do to satisfy the college requirements ?


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