6 Ways to Support Online Elementary Students

As the author Thomas Fuller once said, “All things are difficult before they are easy.”

Whether your child is new to online learning or you are a returning FLVS elementary family, our team is here to help you navigate our curriculum and find ways to best meet your son or daughter’s educational needs. Your teachers are here for you! Don’t hesitate to ask them for help. Have questions or feedback? Our teachers and administrative team love to hear from you!

With this in mind, we wanted to share a few helpful tips for our online elementary parents.  

1. Be positive!

Family is the first school for young children and parents are powerful models.

2. Stay organized.

Teaching organization early is critical. Use our planning tools and create visual pictures to help your child stay organized. Establish a routine early on. Keep a routine that your child will expect to follow daily. This will help them to know the expectation for daily work and class time.

3. Set personal goals to help motivate your student.

Create goals (daily, weekly, or monthly) to help you celebrate often and use encouragement to build confidence. Make the most of your resources. Visit our Student Resource Center and check out the recorded lesson support videos on your teacher’s announcement page!

4. Start on track and stay on track.

Plan out your schedule for a month at a time for all your family needs. This helps to ensure academics and social time are both incorporated into your child’s routine.

5. Limit your child’s time online.

When your child is not completing schoolwork, monitor his/her time online. Children need down time from the screen. They need to be active and engaged off the screen. This helps with concentration of school work when they are expected to be working in school.

6. Communicate often.

Communicate with teachers and classmates often. Text, phone, or email, we are here for you! We love engaging with our students and want to partner with every family to be successful.

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