Twins Share Double Love for FlexPoint Virtual School

Twins share a special bond and connection with one another for life, and while each is a unique individual, there are often many similarities. We’re pleased to introduce you to Carmen and David Reisdorf, two amazing students who reside in Houston, Texas.

The fraternal twins, now in 10th grade, have attended FlexPoint Virtual School since 2016. We asked them: “As twins, do you help each other study certain subjects or topics?”

Carmen, who is the oldest by three minutes, said, “We sometimes help each other study before DBAs or tests by quizzing each other and looking over our notes together. David is very good with details and remembers the specifics of each lesson. I’m not as good at details but sometimes give David ideas for editing his writing.”

David said, “We do not help each other regularly. We enjoy working independently. Sometimes I will help my twin sister record a video for a project. Other times I will ask her to read a document I wrote to make sure it is clear and understandable.”

Hobbies and Activities

The Reisdorf twins are both currently in a 4-H program called GLOBE. The siblings are working on a project focused on agriculture, food insecurity, and sustainability. They are creating a feasibility study regarding the possibility of planting fruit and nut-bearing trees and shrubs in local parks and have also created a survey to discover public opinion on the topic! Here are a few more interests specific to each student:

Carmen: Knitting and crocheting. I take voice and music theory lessons and play piano and guitar. I like crafting and finding new ways to repurpose everyday objects, time outdoors, playing with my pets, birdwatching, and taking pictures of my wildlife discoveries. I also enjoy creating jokes and puns.

David: I love building models and built a model train layout which I sometimes spend time improving it or the model locomotives and railcars I run on it. Recently, I created a small rocket that can be launched with pressurized air. I take piano lessons and voice lessons and have performed vocal solos in my church choir.

Favorite Subjects/Areas of Study

Do you have similar interests? Let us know in the comments below!

Carmen: English. I find comfort and entertainment in reading and writing fiction. I also enjoy learning about the natural sciences, and especially environmental issues.

David: Science. I love discovering more about the world around me and how everything works.


FLVS provides flexibility for students like Carmen and David to take college courses through dual enrollment and explore other ways to get ahead.

Carmen: I’m a year ahead in math, science, and history, and have also taken some college-level courses. I’m a member of multiple church choirs and have been involved in concerts performing piano, harpsichord, and vocal solos. In addition, my writing has been published in the FLVS Virge magazine and other local spaces.  

David: I received a full score (a five) on both Environmental Science and Human Geography Advanced Placement tests last year. My flexible FLVS schedule allows me to take college classes, too, and so far, I’ve taken English Composition and College Algebra.

Future Goals

Both students have big ambitions for the future!

Carmen: I hope to study either music, writing, or conservation biology—or maybe all three!

David: I want to study engineering, maybe entrepreneurship and find a job that I enjoy while improving the world.

Advantages to Online Learning

Carmen and David shared a few of the reasons they love FLVS. Comment below with your favorite perks of online learning!

Carmen: Being an FLVS student allows me to study and manage my schoolwork on my own, which is an important life skill. The flexible schedule gives me the opportunity to deepen my learning in areas outside of traditional school subjects.

David: Online schooling, in my opinion, simulates college and a future workspace better than an in-person school. It helps me learn to be responsible for how I spend my time. I think I will be a better university student and a better employee or employer because I will know how to manage my time.

Special Thanks

Our FlexPoint Virtual School teachers are proud to work with students from around the world! Carmen and David wanted gave a special shout-out to their teachers who have helped them succeed.

Carmen: All the teachers I’ve had throughout my FLVS experience have been so kind and supportive, but I’d like to call out Mrs. Adair (English) and Mrs. Dayton (Science). I appreciate their knowledge and support. 

David: All my teachers have always been helpful. They truly care about their students’ success and work to make sure students are having a good experience while attending FlexPoint Virtual School.

Closing Thoughts 

Providing our students with a flexible, individualized educational experience that complements their aspirations whether in Florida or beyond, fills us with great joy!

Carmen: I appreciate how being an FLVS student allows me to be flexible and pursue my own goals outside of school, such as spending extra time on my musical activities and taking college courses alongside FLVS courses. I also appreciate that I can travel with my family and spend time at the beach, or time with my pets or in my garden at home, without worrying about missing out on my studies.

David: One of the advantages of online schooling is that I am responsible for my schedule and I work on both school and personal projects throughout the year and make time for breaks during the day to go outside. We can also take vacations while brick-and-mortar schools are in session. Last April, for example, our family took a two-week vacation in May to drive to Montana—we saw snow in the mountains, a cattle ranch, universities, museums, an operating coal mine, a salt mine, and Bailey Yard. Most typical school schedules would not have easily permitted such a long absence.

Thank you, Carmen and David, for sharing a glimpse of your FlexPoint Virtual School student life as twins. We look forward to hearing from you both again.

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