Visiting the Orlando Science Center

This post was originally published on the blog of an FLVS Flex Elementary parent. 

Orlando Science Center Field TripRea is homeschooled and a part-time elementary student at Florida Virtual School. I supplement the rest of her life with educational goodness…at least I try.

Rea’s school recently planned a state-wide field trip. These field trips took place in six different cities across the state. We opted for the Orlando one, since Rea’s teacher would be there. So, the kids and I got up early on Friday morning and drove to the Orlando Science Center.

If you have never been, and happen to be in the area, GO! It’s so cool! This place is four floors of interactive science exhibits. I’ll be honest, my son was NOT happy that I dragged him along with his sister. He told me many times he wished he was at his school.

He looked at the map with me, and he decided seeing dinosaurs wouldn’t be too bad. His grumpy attitude disappeared when we made it up to the fourth floor. The dinos did not disappoint.

In the room next to the dinosaurs is the weather exploration room… I’m sure it had a real name, but I wasn’t paying attention (really, I was chasing after excited kids bouncing from one thing to another).

The kids LOVED the wind tunnel. You get in, and the wind climbs up to 79 mph. For more information about the Orlando Science Center, check out their website at

The two hour drive to Orlando was worth every minute. Not only was the Science Center awesome, the chance to meet Rea’s teacher face-to-face was not something I was going to pass up. Rea was nervous in the beginning, but meeting her teacher was the best part of her day. A warm hug from her teacher was the perfect beginning and ending to our trip. I believe meeting a few of her classmates has also helped to build a stronger sense of community during their online Class Time.

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  1. Jeania T.

    This has got to be the most interesting information we’ve received thus far with planning our daughter’s education in Science. Sounds like a good idea. Thanks for sharing. I think I’ll come tell you about the experience. SOON!


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