Welcome Back-to-School: 5 Questions with Dr. Louis Algaze, FLVS President & CEO

New school year, new opportunities. It’s a chance to start fresh. Discover new courses. And get to know new people, like Dr. Louis Algaze, Florida Virtual School President & Chief Executive Officer. We sat down with Dr. Algaze to hear what inspires him, his journey to becoming an educational leader, and how he celebrated the first day of school long before Tik Tok existed to capture the moment.

After working nearly 30 years with Miami-Dade County schools, Dr. Algaze was appointed by the FLVS Board of Trustees as FLVS President & CEO in July 2019. From pioneering school improvement efforts, to representing North America on the Principal Advisory Board of the University of Cambridge International, to his beginnings as a high school science teacher—Dr. Algaze has devoted his career to learning and inspiring the next generation.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, then Pottstown, Pennsylvania, his family moved to Miami Beach when he was eight. He’s married, has four children, and an adorable miniature Schnauzer named Zorro.

Get to Know Dr. Louis Algaze

What brought you into the field of education?
“Serendipity. My wife was studying to be a teacher and told me I’d make a good one. So, I applied, and the rest is history.”

What position did you hold before joining FLVS?
“I was the founding principal of a Title I, all academy neighborhood high school.”

What are three things you are most proud of since you’ve taken on the role of President & CEO?
“I have taken the time to meet with each staff member. It’s been very energizing to be able to hear and share their experiences. I love being able to work with each department on integrating our efforts towards a common goal of serving our students and families. I am very grateful FLVS has been able to help communities during the onset of COVID-19 and beyond.”

How do you like to relax after a long day of supporting students and teachers?
“I just enjoy spending time with my family, including my dog. My hobbies include reading and chess.”

Who inspires you?
“My wife and children. Everything I do, I do for them (as the old song goes).”

When asked to describe what back-to-school looked like when he was a boy, he jokingly responded with: “Riding a horse and carriage and taking notes with a tablet and chisel, performing math on an abacus.”

In seriousness, he recalls walking to school, no matter if it was in snow, sleet, or rain, carrying a big stack of books rubber banded together.

Thank you, Dr. Algaze, for sharing a little more about yourself. We wish everyone a safe and wonderful school year!

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7 comments on “Welcome Back-to-School: 5 Questions with Dr. Louis Algaze, FLVS President & CEO

    1. Pamela Yap

      Hi my name is Pamela Yap. I have my masters degree in Elem. Education. I was wondering if you had any job opportunities available for an elementary teacher at this time?

  1. Reba Smalley

    I need help. My daughter is a senior who did virtual school through her school in Manatee County. She has health issues but thought she could return to school this year. At this she has not been able to stay in school on a regular basis. She suffers from severe anxiety disorder and narcolepsy. We want her to be able to graduate with her class in May. Can this be possible. Will she be able to participate in activities at her home school?

  2. Angela Lambert

    Dr. Algaze is the most genuine educator and hands-on leader a parent could hope for, that has faithfully steadied the one of a kind ship of FLVS. He has exceeded expectations with his leadership and under his watch made FLVS, it’s students and families flourish with educational choice, course options and extra-curricular resources that are second to none! My child along with countless others have benefited greatly from the leadership Dr. Louis Algaze has provided to FLVS and we hope to see him continue in his CEO position for many years to come!


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