6 Interesting Facts About Teaching at FLVS

At Florida Virtual School, we value our diverse and dedicated team of instructors who are the foundation of our students’ success.

Teachers new to online learning often have questions about the technology or how they communicate with students. At FLVS, our award-winning student information system, Virtual School Administrator (VSA), allows us to manage, track, and engage our students. Our learning management system allows students to access the curriculum, coursework, and teacher feedback. While these tools facilitate quality instruction, the relationships teachers build with students remain central to the online teaching experience.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to teach in a virtual environment? Don’t miss the day-in-the-life video below and these interesting facts about teaching at FLVS!

1. Instructors at FLVS practice a style of teaching that is very different from the traditional school system, which includes collaborating online and communicating by phone and text message.

2. FLVS instructors are available to assist their students Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 8:00pm.

3. Daily activities may include grading, answering emails, taking phone calls from parents and students, or even teaching a live lesson online.

4. FLVS instructors work a full-time day, but the hours tend to be more spaced out than we see in a traditional school setting – giving each teacher the flexibility to mold their daily schedule around the needs of their students.

5. Our instructors enjoy the opportunity to work one-on-one with students and provide an individualized educational experience.

6. This student-centered design also affords FLVS instructors an exceptional work-life balance, in addition to a well-rounded benefits package for both them and their families.

Florida Virtual School is proud to put people first in everything we do, and our instructors are no exception. If you’re exploring career opportunities, we hope you’ll consider joining our team of instructors and help us keep changing lives – one student at a time.

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27 comments on “6 Interesting Facts About Teaching at FLVS

  1. Evelyina Williamson

    I really would like the opportunity to relate to students 1:1 in an online setting.After taking Master’s classes online, it opened a new window of teaching and learning. Working with a student’s schedule would help them become more productive.
    I applied earlier this year, but was not selected.
    My Florida certificate is in Elementary ED K-6
    Reading Endorsement and ESOL Endorsement.
    I would like to apply once again for a position with FLVS. Thank you .


      Hi Katy, our students benefit from the unique 1:1 relationships they build with their teacher. The total number of students assigned to a teacher varies by grade level and subject area.

  2. Jowan

    Hi there, This is a follow up question that clearly wasn’t answered. Someone asked how many students do FL virtual teachers tend to have and you guys said, “it varies by grade level.” Will you please give me an idea as to how many students FL Virtual teachers typically have. I have heard it’s 162 assigned to one teacher! Please give me a ballpark figure. Thanks!


      Hi Jowan. On average, FLVS teachers serve 162 students. An elective course may have more students, while a core course may have fewer students. Hope this helps!

  3. Lynn Jones

    I am also curious about teachrer:student ratio.

    What is the average ratio for K-2 and also 3-5. Thank you.

    The average of 162 seems high; is that for middle and high school grades?

  4. Jill Cuttone Hinshaw

    Thank you for sharing.
    8-8pm…. seems like you lose your Opportunities to enjoy activities day and night. Yes, there are breaks but appears you’re really “stuck”. How does that work for you?

      1. Jessica Brotherton

        Hello! Are teachers allowed to work from different locations? For example, if my mom lives in a different city, would I be able to work from her house while visiting?

      1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

        Hi Nicole, we have more than 190 award-winning courses that our certified teachers utilize! It ensures that every teacher – and student- has the tools and resources they need to succeed.

  5. Kay

    Who sets the curriculum to be taught each day? In other words, are teachers provided with online modules and course content that are already set up, or does each teacher create all the materials, tests, videos, etc on their own?

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

      Hi Kay, Our Curriculum team designs and develops each FLVS course. Additionally, teachers incorporate personalized lessons, activities, and Discussion Based Assessments (DBAs) to best meet students’ needs. 🙂

  6. Stephanie


    I heard that FLVS teachers need to meet in Orlando once a year for in person PD. Is that during the summer when B&M students are out of school? And for how many day are teachers expected to be in Orlando?

  7. Sarah Park

    With the flexible scheduling, would it be possible to teach FLVS Flex and also be teaching in a physical school?


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