What Will You Create? Join FLVS for Hour of Code

You’ve probably spent hours playing video games, learning new dances from social media, or staying in touch with friends and families thanks to video chat. Often all in the same day or on the same device. But have you ever wondered how those games or apps are created? Or who created them and how they work?

Even though we use technology all the time that keeps us entertained, connected, and learning—only 51% of all high schools teach computer science. This means many students currently don’t have the opportunity to learn about how their favorite technology works

That’s why the entire FLVS fam—including our Flex and Full Time students and instructors—is celebrating Hour of Code—a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science and show that anyone can learn the basics (in as little as an hour!)—with four days of presentations, events, and activities to share the magic of coding.

Whether you’re an experienced coder or just getting started, you can join all the fun virtually, December 6-9! Presentations are open to all Kindergarten-12th grade FLVS students. Topics include:

Drawing with Python | Dec. 6 at 10 AM | For grades 3rd+
Learn a new language, literally, with this download of the basics of the Python programming language with Mr. Torres, Digital Information Technology and Foundations of Programming Instructor.

Bake a Cake with HTML! | Dec. 6 at 1 PM | For grades 6th+
Grab your apron and oven mitts for fun on the computer with Chef Roland and Ms. Cancel, Digital Information Technology Instructor! Create a custom creation while learning HTML in the delicious presentation.

Minecraft Voyage Aquatic| Dec. 7 at 11:15 AM | For All Ages
Dive into your new coding skills by exploring and building underwater worlds in Minecraft with M/J Coding Instructor, Ms. Whittington.

Girls Can Code! “Barbie Pet Vet” | Dec. 9 at 2:30 PM | For grades 1st-5th
Meet Barbie and her pets for an introductory coding course hosted by Ms. Mershon, Elementary Instructor.

Elementary Scratch Competition | Dec. 9 at 4 PM | For grades 3rd-5th
Join the Elementary Coding Club for a fun programming competition designed for students with experience using Scratch.

And more!

Ready to create? See the full schedule of events and read more on our blog about coding clubs and courses for Kindergarten -12th grade.

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