What’s New in Career & Technical Education at FLVS?

New CTEIt would likely be easier to list what ISN’T new with FLVS Get Certified: Career and Technical Education Courses! Since you learned about the many benefits of industry certification in my previous posts, our teams have been quite busy increasing the options and opportunities for students to prepare for and earn those certifications.

In July 2014, we added 12 new certification preparation courses – with another eight to follow this fall! That’s a total of 22 new opportunities for students to show colleges and employers that they have the skills needed for success!

If your student has an interest in technology, has experience in Microsoft or Adobe Software, computer programming, or networking, he/she may be a perfect candidate to show what he/she knows with one of our new courses! Did you know that a student leaving high school with Microsoft certification has the earning potential of more than $16,000 per year over an otherwise qualified candidate without the certification?

The opportunities are limitless. Why not get a head start on a great career path?

Check out the FLVS Get Certified: Career and Technical Education Courses at http://www.flvs.net/getcertified.

Post by Mellissa Morrow, Former Curriculum Manager for Career & Technical Education (CTE)

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