Doors Continue to Open in Online Learning

Blog_cover_ODWThe annual “Opening Doors to the World” awards celebration was created by The Foundation for Florida Virtual School (The Foundation) to honor champions, pioneers, and distinguished individuals who have been instrumental in paving the way for innovative education.

Without steadfast supporters, The Foundation would not have the opportunity to create new innovative programs for our students. The support that continually opens new doors allows for a brighter future in education and online learning. To those who donated time, talent, dollars, or connections to our September 2013 event, thank you!

This year’s event helped to fundraise for The Foundation’s student-centered programs. It not only featured key leaders from the community and industry, but also Florida Virtual School students that have been supported by The Foundation.  The theme of the night, “You Are the Key,” encompassed the core belief of The Foundation – that our supporters are the key to growing, creating, and supporting a higher standard of education for the next generation.

As part of the show, FLVS students entered the stage by knocking on doors and being invited “in” to share their stories. These student ambassadors included Karina Bodnieks, Jessie Perez, sisters Kara and Kalese Justice, Brian Wilson, and FLVS alumna Kelsey Tainsh. Distinguished honorees included Comcast; Barbara Dreyer, Connections Education; Jamie Gass, The Pioneer Institute; DreamBox Learning; and Zach Marks, Grom Social.

As a result of all the support and hard work that went in to this year’s celebration, The Foundation was able to raise $80,000, which will directly support our programs. We are grateful for the privilege of being able to offer our students additional support and invest in our collective future. Visit The Foundation on Facebook to view photos from the event.

Please visit The Foundation’s website at to learn more about our programs and to find out how you too can help open doors for Florida’s students.

The Foundation for Florida Virtual School is the philanthropic arm of Florida Virtual School. The Foundation invests its resources to provide access to Florida Virtual School education for under-served students, striving to ensure all students have access to world-class education and quality online learning opportunities that prepare them for a lifetime for success.

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