Why do you love your FLVS teachers?

At FLVS, our instructors use instructional strategies to personalize learning every day of the week, all day long. From the first welcome call where teachers establish the important bond needed to motivate and inspire, to the final call where encouragement and the password are given for the last assessment, our teachers build unique connections with students every day.

Send us a video telling us how your teachers go above and beyond to help you succeed!

Videos will be featured on Instagram and used in a montage celebrating our faculty at our annual FLVS In-Service Training Days.

Select participants will have the opportunity to be spotlighted in our new Student Focus blog series.

Here are a few prompts to begin your video:

“I love my FLVS teacher because…”

“I appreciate my FLVS teacher because…”

“I am grateful for my FLVS teacher because…”

Ready to get started? Find details and submit your video here.

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3 comments on “Why do you love your FLVS teachers?

  1. Lily

    I love my FLVS teacher Mrs Voorhest because she is always keeping me motivated and on track. I can tell how much she loves her job because she’s so happy every time i talk to her on the phone.

  2. Cedric M.

    As a parent, I really enjoy consistent communication from FLVS educators. I am frequently updated on my child’s progress and the constructive feedback provided to encourage learning and retention of the subject material. My kids have mentioned how they enjoy the instructors and feel very comfortable in contacting them when the face challenges or need additional help with difficult material.


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