Why I’m Sticking With FLVS Flex this Spring

When we decided to add in some classes from Florida Virtual School (FLVS) I wasn’t sure what to expect. We have been homeschooling for a few years, but 2020 changed everything and we needed a new plan. I turned to FLVS Flex to fill in some of the gaps. In the process I found an online option that my kids love.

Here are 4 reasons why we are sticking with FLVS Flex this spring.

A Flexible Routine

I love a good routine and structure, but one of our big reasons for homeschooling our kids was schedule flexibility. FLVS Flex provides just that. I pick which courses my kids take and when they take them. We easily mix FLVS Flex classes with our own homeschool curriculum.

Each course has a suggested timeline which provides a backbone of structure. Yet, when our oldest was enthralled by Heat Transfer we were free to move through the entire unit in one week – because he just couldn’t wait to build that solar oven!

The flexible courses mean that live classes are an option twice a week, but recordings are also available whenever we want them. We can still go camping or boating on a weekday and save our school work for a rainy weekend. Some days we read all morning and complete our school work in the evening, while other days all school work is done before breakfast. You just can’t be this flexible with traditional school.

Independent Work

Homeschooling takes up a lot of my focus. FLVS Flex is a great opportunity for the kids to work independently. I set them up for art class and have an hour where they are working with their online instructor, following directions and completing a project largely without my help. I can plan my day around having that hour of prep time.

The third-grader and first-grader both know how to navigate in Educator so that they can work through their course slides on their own.

The interactive nature of the course material means they are being asked to apply what they have learned right away, helping cement the material. This also means that they can complete class when I’m not available to help.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to class time we are loving all the “extras” of FLVS Flex.

Clubs are a great way to connect with other kids. My third-grader is loving robotics club. He had asked to do this previously, but we couldn’t find a group in our town. The club meets twice a month, but he works on his projects and shares them with club members online throughout the month.

Garden club, which both my FLVS Flex kids participate in, is always inviting the whole family to join. Our littlest one loves feeling included on the projects. I appreciate that I don’t have to plan the activity. I just gather the materials and show up with my family! We delight in Super Science Saturdays for the same reasons.

I appreciated getting to watch my shy first-grader present his word for the vocabulary parade. He chose “litter” as in a group of baby animals all born at the same time.

After the fun Literary Festival, the kids couldn’t wait to see what was planned for Holidays Around the World. In a year where “all the things” were canceled, FLVS Flex has rounded out our calendar with things to look forward to.

Educational Support

One of the hardest parts of homeschooling is knowing where to turn for educational support. FLVS Flex once again has you covered.

First, the teachers are incredibly accessible. We regularly text with our teachers who are always encouraging me as a home educator. (Huge shout out to Ms. Cox and Ms. Hull!) It is so funny to think that they have only ever met our boys online, because they really seem to know them.

Overall, we love having FLVS Flex as part of our homeschool routine. It provides all of the support we need, while still giving us the flexibility we want. We can’t wait to continue our journey into the spring.

This post was written by Elizabeth Newcamp, FLVS parent, podcaster, and blogger at Dutch, Dutch, Goose!

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