3 Ways to Make Friends as a Florida Virtual School Student

This blog was written by ​​​​Katelyn K., ​​​​​​an FLVS Flex homeschool student.   

Humans are social creatures, and while you might not want to admit it—everyone needs a friend. Whether you’re a new or returning FLVS Flex or FLVS Full Time student, you can make friends through Florida Virtual School (FLVS).  

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3 Ways to Make Friends at Florida Virtual School 

  1. Join an FLVS Club
  2. Attend Meet Ups or Field Trips  
  3. Meet Others on the FLVS Virtual Voice Blog  

1. Join an FLVS Club 

I know, I know, you’ve heard it a hundred times. And, if you told me this before the beginning of this year, I would have reacted the same way. But it’s true—FLVS Clubs are a great way to meet other students and get to know people who have the same interests ​as​​ you.   

Make a Google Doc with Club Members  

Google Docs is a useful tool for school work and personal projects. While it is not a chatting tool, you can use it to work on projects and collaborate with other students you’ve met in FLVS Clubs. I like writing stories for fun—which is also a really good way for me to improve my writing skills while keeping up with club members!  It’s also been a great way to work on projects with friends over summer break.   

Join Your Club’s Padlet  

On a Padlet, you can share photos and talk about fun school events like clubs, field trips, and class activities. Most FLVS ​C​lubs have a Padlet where you can go to answer fun questions and get to know everyone—just ask your club sponsor how you can participate!   

Join Katelyn and all of her friends at Club Rush 2023 to learn more about our 60+ clubs! For more information, visit flvs.net/clubs!  

Can’t join a club this year? No problem—there are other ways to meet FLVS students!  

2. Attend Meet Ups and Field Trips 

As an FLVS student, we often meet our friends online but FLVS-hosted meet ups and field trips are a great way to see friends—new or old! The field trip I went to even had dedicated time for everyone to meet and hang out together. I highly recommend it!  

BONUS: FLVS also hosts a lot of fun virtual events throughout the year, including Hour of Code, Celebrate Literacy Week, and the Science Fair—which are great if you can’t make it to an in-person meet up. My personal favorite is Hour of Code!  

3. Meet Others on the FLVS Virtual Voice Blog 

YES! I’ve made a few friends here on the FLVS blog! With the Virtual Voice, you can talk about the articles in the comments with other students who love reading the blog! Just try to stay on topic.  

Hopefully, these tips help you! Have fun making friends, and if you have any questions or want to introduce yourself, remember, students are always welcome to chat in the comments!  

38 comments on “3 Ways to Make Friends as a Florida Virtual School Student

  1. Daniel

    I’m hoping I maybe able to get some help with an issue I am having. When registering for a class during the summer months is there a specific high school I need to put so that I can be approved? The reason I’m asking is because I am about to finish up my first summer semester and attempting to register for the second. But how willI I be approved if there is no one working at my actual high school to approve me until that school year starts. Is there a designated school for situations like this?

  2. Noah Philpott

    Hi! Since this article is talking about clubs, when will the FLVS Club Applications open? I’ve heard it might be in September of 2023, but I’m not sure.

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

      Hi Donna, Check out our Student Activities page for a complete list of clubs and registration information at flvs.net/clubs.

  3. Lydia Devitt

    this is so cool!!! i’ve been hoping to make some flvs friends, as taking flvs is mandatory at my school, and this is very helpful!! Are there any clubs you’d reccomend?

    1. katelyn kiss

      Be sure to keep an eye on your dashboard and flvs e-mails and your classrooms dashboard too. It is for flvs fex and full time they both just have different trips!

  4. Lucas Wilcek

    this is an very intresting article.I am pretty sure most people felt this way while reading; O(∩_∩)O
    .btw is there a chess club cause if there is i would love to join.

  5. Nicholas Vallverdu

    Verry nice, I have a very hard time making friends because of all of the stuff that has been going on lately. I felt that it is nearly impossible to make friends, but now that you wrought this article, it gives me hope.

    1. Katelyn K

      Look at your student dashboard- but I have noticed they normally show FLVS field trips on my history classes so be sure to look every now and then! You also should be able to ask your teacher(S) about it to. Don’t forget there is also a lot of online events to!!! Like recently they did shakespeare festival.


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