6 Things to Think About When Starting High School

One of the most important times of a student’s life is the transition from middle school to high school. Students often ponder important questions about high school, such as:

What should I wear the first day? How can I get into PE with my best friend? How am I supposed to get from one side of the campus to the other in two minutes?

While these questions might be on the forefront of an 8th grader’s mind, there are other important questions that they want to be thinking of before heading to high school.

This transition can be a turning point for students as they explore potential career paths at a magnet school, join a sport or extracurricular activity, or push themselves to the limit academically with honors or Advanced Placement courses. These opportunities can come from asking important questions before they even set foot in the door on the first day.

Below is a fun infographic to spur conversation between students and parents! We know this will open up a wonderful conversation and help guide you into this exciting time in your student’s education!

Anne FlennerAnne Flenner, School Counselor, has worked to meet the academic, social, personal, and professional needs of FLVS students since 2011. Previously a school counselor in Alachua County, she has received several awards and serves on multiple state counseling boards and committees. She has a Master's degree in Counselor Education from UF. Anne loves working with student athletes, supporting college and career readiness, and focusing on student mental health and wellness.

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