FLVS Corkboard: March Highlights

There’s so much blossoming at FLVS as we spring forward and March toward April! (Good puns are all in good fun, right?) Here are some current activities in bloom we’d like to highlight.

FLVS Full Time Enrollment Open

Now open for grades Kindergarten-12 for the 2018-19 school year!

Students enrolled with FLVS Full Time take all their classes (a total of six online courses) following the standard school year. This tuition-free, online public school allows students the freedom to follow their own unique path to learning and build one-on-one relationships with teachers.

Learn more about FLVS Full Time.

April is National Poetry Month

Join the NaPoWriMo Challenge!

Students grades 6-12 are welcome to participate in the National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) Challenge which runs from April 1-30. Challenge yourself to write a poem a day or set a goal of how many poems you can write in a month. Each day, there will be a prompt posted on the Creative Writing Club blog. Utilize the prompt or feel free to create whatever poem you’d like—the choice is yours! Write, and share, as much or as little of your poetry as you’d like this month, whether it’s 1 poem or 30.

If you are interested in participating or want to learn more about our Creative Writing Club, email Mrs. Katie Emery, Creative Writing Club sponsor, at kemery@flvs.net.

Yearbook is Seeking Student Portraits

Did you know FLVS students create a Yearbook each year? This year, FLVS Flex and FLVS Full Time students are working together to complete a special FLVS 20th Anniversary yearbook. All FLVS students are welcome to submit their student portraits and senior ads to help make this book of memories the best one yet! Portraits are due by Friday, April 6.

Learn more about Yearbook to find details about senior portraits, ads, and purchasing your copy!

Upcoming Webinars

The Secret to Confidence with Mawi Asgedom – Tuesday, April 10 at 6 p.m.
Discover how to tackle anything that comes your way with confidence, strength, and a sense of humor. Join us for a session with Mawi Asgedom, founder of Mawi Learning. He will share his story of perseverance, what he learned about success, and how he pushed his “Turbo” button to make it all happen.

Join the session here on Tuesday, April 10 at 6 p.m.

Bullying: Take A Stand! – Thursday, April 19 at 6 p.m.
Bullying is not normal or okay, but it happens all too often. Come listen and learn about the different types of bullying, why people bully, and how YOU can stop the culture of bullying. Learn new ways to get help and help those who need YOU to take a stand. Hear from the FLVS School Counseling Team and special guest, Joshua Proffitt from the Victims Service Center of Central Florida, for this important webinar event.

Join the session here on on Thursday, April 19 at 6 p.m.

Celebrating Our Students & Clubs

FLVS held its annual Club Awards Day in Orlando, Florida, earlier this month and more than 60 students, families, and staff attended the annual event. FLVS Flex and FLVS Full Time students were recognized and celebrated for their dedication, accomplishments, and participation in extracurricular activities.

The following students received the FLVS Student of the Year Award because they consistently exceeded the expectations of their club sponsors and teachers: Kaitlyn Arnold, Tabitha Jones, Gabby Lavelle, Maya Washburn, and Olivia Williamson.  Congratulations to all our students and club sponsors!

Learn more about the clubs at FLVS.

Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning has opened the application process for its 2018 Student Scholarship Program. Applicants must have taken a minimum of five blended or online courses to qualify. The deadline for application submission is April 30.

If you are a graduating senior, learn more about this opportunity.

Save the Date for Shakespeare

Shakespeare Celebration will be held Thursday, April 26. More details to come!

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  1. Nicole Burris

    I am wanting to go ahead and register my son who is already a student with FLVS FLEX for next year, 7th grade 2018-2019 school year. How do I go about doing that?


      Hi Nicole! You can sign your son up for Flex courses at anytime on our website! Just specify your preferred start date for fall 2018 when registering for his courses.


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