Be the “Good” Kid

This is the tenth post in a series by former FLVS student Makaila, a model, author, and student advocate.

Blog_Peer_PressureHigh school welcomes territories that were once uncharted.

What’s crazy about the media today is that they push the likeness of drugs and drinking on shows geared for young kids, like us. It can be difficult to see things on television or on your favorite show and not wonder what they are. And if we’re going to be honest, sometimes it affects us.

We see some of our favorite celebrities drinking at a party or smoking something they shouldn’t, and we start to think it’s normal…that it is normal to drink and party the way the television portrays people of our age doing.

The line becomes blurred and people start to do things they normally wouldn’t, all because they want to fit in and be “cool.” It’s an interesting way to think about it.

The people you surround yourself with are sure to affect you in one aspect or another and only build upon these existing ideas. Peer pressure surely influences this beast.

But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to drink or do drugs and the media has forgotten that. Yet, it still makes people act and behave in ways they shouldn’t.

This doesn’t mean you should fall for it too.

It is okay to say no to things that make you feel weird or make your stomach feel sick. Imagine if your parents found out? That’s what always worried me. “What would they think?” If you have to ask yourself that question, it’s probably not a good idea.

I always stayed true to myself, but believe me, I have been in plenty of situations where I have felt awkward and wanted to get out. And it was all due to the people I surrounded myself with.

If you want to say no to a drink, an activity, or even a substance, it is okay…even though in the moment you may feel like people won’t want to hang out with you or be your friend. They will snap out of this “phase” – or better yet, get in trouble and then they will look to you for advice.

You are who you surround yourself with. So be the “good” kid because the “cool” kid doesn’t ever get very far.

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Nichols_CoverMak Nichols is a model, author, actress, and student advocate on a mission to inspire and support her peers through philanthropic initiatives including the Great American No Bull Challenge and the release of her first book, Blatantly Honest: Normal Teen, Abnormal Life, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indie Bound. After taking FLVS courses in high school, she is now studying business, entrepreneurship, and writing at the University of Central Florida. Learn more at

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