Brain Breaks for Online Elementary Students

Brain breaks are a BIG part of most elementary classrooms that you will see today. These mental breaks help students refocus, get some wiggles out, and most importantly – have fun! 

Setting aside time for brain breaks is important in every classroom, especially in the virtual world where a lot of time is spent on the computer. We are always looking for ways to get our kids UP and MOVING! 

As FLVS Flex Elementary teachers, we meet with our students for one-hour sessions and we always put a brain break song in the middle of that hour. We have tried brain breaks that don’t involve a video/song, but our students seem to like the songs we play the most.

How do we do a brain break like this in a virtual classroom?  It’s very simple! We share a link and the song/video plays right there on the screen for our students. My favorite part is when the students turn their cameras on during brain breaks and show off their dance moves.

All the brain breaks we use are found on YouTube and we always make sure to convert the link to a student-friendly Safe YouTube link first.

Our students have come to favor certain songs. Here are a few we LOVED this school year!

Let us know if you have musical suggestions in the comments below!

Cara PiperCara Piper loves teaching Kindergarten students online with FLVS Flex Elementary! She is a teacher mama, grammar aficionado, blogger, and collector of creative headbands to keep her students engaged during Class Time. Follow her on Instagram @virtualelementaryteachers.

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