Bye-Bye High School, Hello College

Graduation 2016My four years of high school was without a doubt the longest four years of my life.

Can I get a “same here” in agreement—or was this just my experience?

While high school wasn’t horrible for me, my time there seemed to drag on like a never-ending prison sentence, with additional time added just for being an awkward teen. We moved five times between 8th and 12th grade; three of those times to different geographical regions in Florida.

It sure would have been wonderful to keep pace and consistency going from one school to the next…

Thank goodness students and families have choices now, like options at FLVS, to help make a student’s educational experience as rewarding as possible. Having choices and the ability to use what works best is priceless during those 12 formative years. After all, education and learning isn’t a punishment. And it’s sad and a missed opportunity if it’s looked as one. Of course, the final days of brick-and-mortar high school can certainly be equated to an outbreak of “senioritis”—safe bet that there is tons going on!

My children can attest to the fact that I’ve often shared how it “took forever” to turn 18 and now, well, my son, my “baby” is turning 18 this month and graduating high school.

It’s the old cliché, where does the time go?

Time served in high school is done. For them, it’s on to college. They’re ready. And I’m ready. Almost. (I feel too young to say I’m an empty-nester). While it’s bye-bye high school, and eventually college, learning will never stop.

We may not be able to speed up or slow down time, but we can certainly help prepare our children and the next generation to look at education as more than a prison sentence.

Congratulations to high school seniors everywhere—keep learning!

Post by Suzan Kurdak, former FLVS Communications Specialist

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