Celebrating Summer — And You!

Summer FLVS studentThe end of the year is such an exciting time for our FLVS students!

Our students may continue to focus on educational goals over the summer or they may focus on other areas of growth within their lives.

Knowing your special gifts can add remarkable meaning and success to your life while helping you to become more willing to appreciate the uniqueness of others.

Many students don’t like the very thing about themselves that makes them one of a kind.

You should learn to appreciate your own individuality as well as that of others!  During your time over the summer, think about what makes you one of a kind.

Is it your ability to make someone smile?

Is it your ability to lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need?

Is it your ability to spend quality time with your family and friends?

No matter what your special gift may be, please spend your time over the summer doing something that showcases your special gift.

Tell us about your summer plans in the comments. You may even be featured by FLVS! 

Have a safe and great summer!

Brianne HarrisPost by Brianne Harris, 2016 Principal of the Year

Brianne considers being part of such an innovative educational organization an absolute dream. Her love for developing one-on-one relationships with parents, students, and teachers gives her the energy to keep exploring effective teaching practices and stay on top of current educational research.

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