FLVS Celebrates Teachers on World Teachers’ Day

Every August, thousands of teachers prepare for the new school year, decorating their classrooms, organizing lessons, and brainstorming fun activities for students. Teachers at Florida Virtual School are no different! Although they may not have a physical classroom where they can see students daily, FLVS teachers find unique ways to create engaging learning experiences for students in the virtual classroom.

On World Teachers Day, we celebrate teachers and their dedication to students around the world! Here are some of the extraordinary ways FLVS teachers are personalizing virtual learning for Kindergarten-12 grade students this year.

Making Virtual School Fun

For elementary students, it can be difficult to sit at the computer for long periods of time. With that in mind, FLVS teachers have found creative techniques to keep students engaged in live lessons by incorporating activities, games, and music. One of the ways that FLVS Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Piper, brings learning to life is through accessories to match daily topics, lesson themes, and holidays!

Some FLVS elementary teachers have even created flat versions of themselves this year, inspired by the popular children’s book Flat Stanley. With their flat teachers in hand, students have a fun way to share their favorite hobbies and activities with their teacher and classmates!

Creating a Memorable Learning Experience

Melissa Martin and Samantha Rimes, FLVS middle school teachers, both earned high recognition for their dedication to students this year!

Samantha Rimes is a 7th grade Science teacher for FLVS Full Time who was recently the recipient of a Yale Educator Award following a nomination by prior student, Kenan Collignon. This award recognizes supportive educators around the world for helping students achieve their academic goals!

Melissa Martin, FLVS Full Time Math teacher and FLVS Teacher of the Year, was awarded a K12 Excellence in Teaching from the United States Distance Learning Associations (USDLA) for her accomplishments in online learning by building lasting connecting with her students.

Helping Students Discover Their Passion

This year, FLVS high school teachers are helping students explore their interests through passion projects! In this series, teachers and students host weekly sessions about the things they enjoy, from fishing to hand lettering, to inspire students to try new things and learn more about their interests and hobbies.

FLVS High School English teacher, Mrs. Lala, recently shared her passion for travel in her session, “Planning the (not so) Perfect Road Trip.” She shared some of her favorite travel experiences and tips to help students pick their travel destination, what to bring, and when to go!

Do you have a special story to share about your teacher? Send us your story at socialmedia@flvs.net!

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