Meet Gabby and Nadia, FLVS Student YouTubers

Gabby and Nadia, Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Full Time students and YouTubers, share their passion for hair and fashion through their channel, LMC Beauties

With more than 2 billion active users on YouTube, it can be difficult for an aspiring YouTuber to stand out in the virtual crowd. However, FLVS 6th grade student Gabby and 4th grade student Nadia have done just that, earning more than 23,000 subscribers on their channel! 

Gabby and Nadia started LMC Beauties five years ago with the help of their mother, Valerie, to share their natural hair journey with other families. They explained that “beauty videos quickly became the focal point of most of our videos” as their channel started to grow.  

After being featured on a major brand’s Instagram account, their channel took off. Valerie says, “Our growth on YouTube has been shocking to say the least. We never thought that sharing hairstyles would bring so much attention to our little channel.”  

Through the growth of their channel, Gabby and Nadia say, “Being YouTubers has taught us about organization, planning, and priorities, because we have to make sure all of our schoolwork and chores are done before we make videos!” YouTube has also helped them both find their passion and confidence. 

“Nadia would have never turned on her camera for virtual school, or even participated in class if she hadn’t started speaking on the YouTube platform first. Nadia went from not wanting to be on camera by herself, to wanting her very own YouTube channel.” 

As an aspiring dancer, Nadia says that Charli D’Amelio, competitive dancer and most-followed person on Tik Tok, has been one of her biggest inspirations. Gabby has discovered a passion for filming and editing. This year she is taking M/J Creative Photography 1 to learn more about how cameras work and use these skills to improve her YouTube channel. She also enjoys writing scripts and creating cartoons, which have inspired her to pursue a future career in Film.  

Gabby and Nadia have both been with FLVS Full Time since Kindergarten, where they enjoy the flexibility to learn at their own pace with the support of their teachers. Valerie shared, “we tell all our friends and family members that homeschooling doesn’t have to be a scary process with FLVS. Gabby and Nadia are learning and thriving, and we’d like to thank FLVS for making that possible.” 

Gabby would like to send a special thank you to her 4th grade teacher, Mr. Reynolds, for her support and encouragement. Nadia would like to thank 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Rowe, for helping her stay motivated and supporting her as she worked toward her academic goals.  

On their family vlog, Gabby and Nadia attend a Florida Virtual School field trip to SeaWorld Orlando. 

Fun Facts


Favorite Subject:
World History 

Going to Disney World 

Future Goals:
Become a famous YouTuber 


Favorite Subject:

Collecting Disney Merchandise 

Future Goals:
Become an actor or dancer 

This post was written by Elizabeth Jones, Social Media Team

65 comments on “Meet Gabby and Nadia, FLVS Student YouTubers

  1. Lily Cronin

    Omg! Congrats Nadia and Gabby! I am going to be in your class I believe! I watch your channel and it’s amazing! Thank you for making awesome content! 😀

  2. Gianell Duarte

    That’s amazing, you found confidence to make videos and face your fears, and even experience lifetime choices!
    I’m glad you found your confidence Nadia.
    These videos will also inspire a lot of people in many ways!
    In 6th grade

  3. Chloe Barber

    Wow! This is amazing! Great job guys! I sadly cannot access YouTube, but if I could, I would totally check out your channel! I’m also in Creative Photography Gabby, so I might see you at some point, I’m not sure though. Keep up the great work, and have fun!

  4. Jada Rivera

    Awww! That’s Amazing Gabby and Nadia!! Well, You will have one new subscriber from me 🙂 Congrats to you both!!
    <3 <3

  5. Ember Turner

    this seems really cool! My brother and I have always loved YouTube videos and have loved the idea of making them! I will also be able to check out your videos later!

  6. Kalieanne Carter

    It’s really awesome that you both are working together and are having FUN! I really enjoy watching you both!!

        1. FLVSFLVS

          Hi Avery, you can also let your teacher know if you have a photo about your experience with FLVS that you want us to post on social media (with parent permission).

  7. Evan

    my friend has a you tube channel as well, he is not nearly that big though he only has like ~6 subs. here is his channel name:
    Mason Muttucci
    can you guys subscribe to him? he has realy worked on making his videos good quality with the few supplies he has. also, keep up the work!

  8. Taahirah Mars

    I also have a channel (Roblox based) called TTPlayz! I don’t have many subscribers but I try my best to make content

  9. katelyn kiss

    WOW there channel looks so cool!!Also you know how they have that video were they go on the fild trip to sea world for flvs I started to wonder… do flvs field trips cost money or do they pay for you??I know it IS a silly thing to wonder..


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