Class of 2018 Senior Survival Guide

Earlier this year, our FLVS Full Time Senior Class officers presented a “Senior Survival Guide” to the current juniors. Their presentation was fantastic and full of great tips from the viewpoint of a student. Whether you’re looking ahead to senior year or graduation is a few years down the road, several of these tips for FLVS students apply to any grade level.

Now without further ado, here are the top 10 tips for surviving senior year at FLVS from our Class of 2018.    

1. Stay on pace!

Whether you are in FLVS Full Time or taking Flex courses, make sure you work in your FLVS courses every week. This way you’ll be done on time and have no need to worry about whether or not you will graduate!

2. Get involved in student activities.

FLVS has dozens of clubs and your classmates can be a support system and help you stay motivated. FLVS Full Time also has student council, so you can run for office and help shape the future of our school.

3. Volunteer.

Not only is it great to get involved in your community, but many scholarships and colleges require recorded volunteer hours. Make sure you coordinate with your guidance counselor to get those volunteer hours officially documented. Pro tip: Get started on these over the summer so there’s less to worry about during the school year.

4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

You will have a lot going on during your senior year, so consider what classes you choose to take carefully. Discuss your class schedule with your guidance counselor and your family to make sure you don’t take on too much.

5. Get ready for taking the SAT or ACT.

Be aware of the dates these tests are available. Prepare! Khan Academy has great practice tests for FREE. Remember you will need to send OFFICIAL scores with any college applications.

6. Lean on your guidance counselor!

They are here to help and they’ve done it all. Never feel guilty about reaching out to them (call, text, or email).

7. Start college applications early.

Seniors have said that they did not realize how much time these applications would take. Remember that your FLVS Flex counselors and FLVS Full Time counselors can give you amazing tips on college applications including how to pick a school, how many schools to apply for, how to complete the Common App and Coalition App, and how to stay organized.

8. Financial aid is available in so many forms.

There are fee waivers for ACT, SAT, college applications and more. There are many kinds of scholarships available. The FAFSA is required by most college programs and determines your eligibility for different kinds of financial aid and school loans.

9. Watch the Senior Survival Guide presentation.

This is good information for FLVS Full Time or Flex students! Leave a note in the comments below to receive the recording via email.

10. Most importantly, remember you can do this!

Don’t forget to HAVE FUN! This is one of the most exciting times of your life – soak it in and enjoy!

These tips and more were presented by the Full Time Class of 2018 officers, but they are great for ANY senior – FLVS Full Time, FLVS Flex, or homeschool. You may get overwhelmed during your senior year, but remember that your teachers, guidance counselors, and classmates are all here for you.

Reach out and connect!

Compiled by Erin Edwards, Senior Class Sponsor

Senior Survival Guide Credit:
McKenzie Underwood, Elizabeth Engstrom, Christian Fajardo, and Tyler Connelly
FLVS Full Time Class of 2018 Senior Class Officers

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