Donuts, Desserts, and Dieting

This is the ninth post in a series by former FLVS student Makaila, a model, author, and student advocate.

TeenTips_Blog_170302Fun fact:

You just so happen to only have one body and the way you treat it will follow you for the rest of your life.

As kids, I know we like to sit down on the couch and pop open a bottle of Coke and binge on potato chips, but let me tell you: those days are dwindling. And by dwindling, I don’t mean that you couldn’t eat this way as an adult, because the truth is, you can. But your metabolism won’t be as great as it used to be.

Growing up in the entertainment industry, and especially as a model, I always had to watch what I ate. I never had a stage where I was so privileged enough to eat McDonalds or swing by Cold Stone every day. I was the kid who packed celery and rolled meats. Gross, I know.

I guess I never really knew anything different. While my friends went out to eat junk food, I sat at the same table and watched. So my perspective is a little different when it comes to what you eat. There were times I was jealous. I wanted to eat junk food like the rest of my friends and be a normal teen.

At the time, I didn’t know there was such a thing as “treating yourself,” because I thought any large amount of calories would make me gain weight.

Truth is, one Big Mac won’t make you gain weight fast. There is nothing wrong with eating what you want to eat in moderation. Clearly, don’t stuff your face with junk food all the time – but then again, it’s okay to splurge.

The age that some of you are as middle and high school students can be tough. The world seems too focused on different diet trends…different “perfect” body types. Let me just tell you from someone in the industry – the models in the magazines don’t always look like the models in the magazines. They all have makeup artists, Photoshop, and usually a grueling workout series.

The young version of myself once thought that I would be perfect if I ate clean food all the time and worked out all the time. But the truth is, no one is perfect. Not even famous actors, models, or even the body builders you follow on Instagram. They all diet, they all work for their body, and most of it isn’t natural. I promise.

So next time you want to lose some weight, focus on what you can get rid of (like sugars and what not). Get off the couch and hit the gym. Do not follow fad diets; they don’t work. Believe me, I’ve tried a ton.

Like I said, you only have one body. Remember that and treat it well. Take care of it! Remember you are what you eat – but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to have a little fun.

Be healthy – not for anyone else, but for you.

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Nichols_CoverMak Nichols is a model, author, actress, and student advocate on a mission to inspire and support her peers through philanthropic initiatives including the Great American No Bull Challenge and the release of her first book, Blatantly Honest: Normal Teen, Abnormal Life, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indie Bound. After taking FLVS courses in high school, she is now studying business, entrepreneurship, and writing at the University of Central Florida. Learn more at

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  1. E. Cothren

    Wow, Mak. I would have never thought someone as beautiful as you would be bullied. Despite being bullied, you seem like an incredible person.
    My best friend was once bullied for being too short. However, she used her circumstances to help other people with their problems. I guess it goes to show that forgiveness always benefits the most people.


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